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Free intensive online course for Game Changer – pachamama alliance

The title “Intensive” is apt: you and your coursemates will be engaged in an intense, uplifting, empowering course with some of the key issues of our time and will explore what can make the biggest difference at this time in history.

  • Coursework: The Intensive is divided into 8 modules, each of which includes selected videos and readings, as well as additional guided activities. These will take about 90 – 120 minutes per module, and get completed on your own time.
  • Online Discussion: You will also have an opportunity to participate in structured, lively (written) discussion forums on the topics being presented, again on your own time. This will take an additional 20 minutes each week.
  • Weekly Conference Calls: In addition to the coursework, each week there will be a regularly scheduled call with your small learning group. Time commitment: 75 minutes.
  • Live Community Gatherings: At the beginning and end of the course, the full Intensive learning community comes together for 90-minute webcasts.

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