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Amazingly Fresh garden Smoothies and Spreads

Get Ya Healthy Kick with SuperNatural, organic Goods directly from the Hungry Spirits Garden in lightning ridge.

I love fresh and healthy veggies, turning them into deliscious, raw super smoothies, spreads and Curries etc. Snacking Healthy and guilt free! Thats ehat i love! Give your system a break and detox from all the pesticides and nasties in our foods.

I love inspiring friends and people, with how easy and amazing healthy foods can be. Sugarfree, pesticide free, upliftingly deliscious, fresh an incredibly tastful.

I love sharing and spreading the goods, and always wanted to have healthy, tasty spreads and smoothies. So now i offer Here the goodness on demand for everyone. From the farm Into your Health!

Healingly and kindly, Benny! Have a great day, Here are the Products i do, fresh for you.

(theyre amazing and sweet because of the beetroot and zucchini + cacao or honey. You will taste the Fresh kick instantly! No sugar needed.

Feel good!

Options to purchase:

1. Spread of the Day:

Mains – zucchini, beetroot, kale, lettuce, cinnamon,

+ bit silverbeet

A bit of celery, parsley,

+ saltbush

+ option of nuts, seeds, oats mix, (peanut butter) or musli mix,

+ A tiny bit

Add options:

– Honey, Cacao (preferrable), Organic peanut butter, – Oats mix with seeds, coconut rasp. +50cts each

-> just text me, if you want my mixed recommendation or your own mix.

2. Awesome smoothies!

-> your choice, or all the above + oatmilk + water

3. Deliscious Ice cream/Iced smoothie

I will always have 2-4 pre made for starters:

Beetroot, zucchini, cacao, banana, oatmix, peanut butter,

+ cinnamon,

+ tiny bit – celery, parsley,

+ options

+ honey, coconut

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