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Getting clear on My Life Vision With the Most important, Transforming Questions everyone can and should do

How to get clear on our Life Vision with the Most important Questions everyone can do in a few minutes.

This Simple but powerful exercise will elevate your clarity, To really get Excited and Focused on Our Biggest Life Goals, the experiences, adventures, learnings we Really want to have. My Own Goals and Hearts desires and how I can contribute and give back, to live the most wonderful, abundant life. We’re here to live our Purpose, We are Here to create! Not to imitate like monkeys or sheeps! – always advancing and changing <3

  1. How To? –> Article with the Resource collection with all about Creating a life vision, the most important questions, Real success and happiness…

Quick Articles and Links With Mind blowing Inspiration and Guidance:

Life changing exercise and questions:

from the Podcasts, Videos  and Masterclasses aswell as meditations I did.

Mindvalley blog + Podcast episode –> Inspiration and Guiding Help, to create a living Vision!

  • when i reach this goals – i feel ?☀️
  • But im already feeling awesome, because im living the life i want and striving towards my goals, not expecting anything…
  • Enjoying the Process and learnings, experiences on the way <3

1 what experiences do i want to have and live – what mark do i wanna leave on this earth and people

  1. How do i need to grow, to achieve that – level of being, where do i wanna go
  2. How can i grow – how do i want to grow to become MY BEST VERSION
  3. Contribution: (If i had a amazing life like that of my dreams and vision….)
  4. -> How do i want to give back to the world and humanity THAT REWARDED AND GIFTET MRSO MUVH+?

The most important Minutes that empower and change my life always into the right direction

  • Attracting, resonating – Becoming the best version I WANT TO BE, Live, Experience
  • Lovingly the most incredible things come into my life,
  • Money just comes in many ways, Projects get realised, by sharing what I love
  • WHEN IM CLEAR in what I want, and set clear INTENTIONS
  • WITH ELEVATED, Wonderful emotions, THE MAGIC, Alchemy happens
  • Life then says, Yeah, you send out love, higher emotions for exactly these projects
  • And future self/into the now, THE VORTEX gets created,
  • Experiences and Possibilities, that exist in the Space, come to me in awesome ways <3

Endgoals and means goals

Endgoals are the real goals we want in life – Our Dreams, where we get excited and happy about

  • Travel, adventure, Learnings, BUCKETLIST
  • DIVING, Creating amazing Projects, BEING WHO WE WANT TO BE!!

Means Goals are Goals that society, school, parents etc, are telling us

  • Degrees, Uni, Study, House, Cars,

You don’t need to get stuck in the hamsterwheel!

–> Forget about what society told you to do

–> really feel inside! – what would you love to do and experience in life

–> That’s the next level BUCKETLIST


  • Real happiness comes, by doing this…

Means are the goals and things society tells us we need to have and be

Or parents and people tell us

  • But once we accomplish them were not happy … WHY?

What do I really want in my life?!

AND HOW DO I FEEL, Because i am already there?!

–> getting clear on that – then we don’t get stuck in a trap in the hamsterwheel

  • Travelling the world
  • Having amazing regeneration projects
  • Having freedom of money to realise our experiences we want!
  • We have the need to grow and
  • The need to fulfill our dreams
  • And we want to contribute, in ways we love! That’s fulfillment
  • With the People I love, growing and evolving together on the Places I wanna be
  • Mother Gaia – earth – Our wonderful planet <3

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