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Green Thumbs – Holistic Gardens Whitsundays to the Daintree – Farming For the Future

Hi earth fam! Im Benjamin Sauber, born in germany, feeling like its an old life, because im totally new, syntropic, evolving.

Most call me Benjy or Benny. I am a Passionate Green thumb and love inspiring and empowering with regenerative solutions, holistic living and action! I love transforming Peoples yards into Vibrant Organic -Regenerative gardens and Food Forest. Creating working bees and community projects, improving existing gardens and integrating Holistic, regenerative principles, solutions and Pro-Life Innovations. Im coming from a background in industrial mechanics, Process optimisation and metal constructions… But I felt deep inside I need to change something, that’s not me. I started searching for solutions, regeneration and started travelling. Here I am 3 Years later, living my passions, dreams and loving every moment on my Journey of creation and evolution with other wonderful humans.

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Whats in here:

  1. Intro – a bit about me
  2. Syntropic agroforestry intro – and Pictures

2.2 – Syntropy – The future of farming and economy – Why regenerative organic – Syntropic means regenerative and adding to life

3. My Green thumbs Services – Gardens, food forests, working bees, syntropic Workshops…

4. The Benefits and Keys of regenerative farming – syntropy

5. Videos, Websites, Resources –> Introvideos, Movies i love, Free permaculture courses…

What we do – VIDEO – Basics of AGROFORESTRY

“Syntropic Agroforestry is a Regenerative, highly productive form of farming with endless scalability potential – adding Biodiversity while improving Yields and health of all communities involved” (human health, Soil, water, insects, birds, Plants)


Little about Benny – The Green Thumb

I worked the last 3 years on many Syntropic Projects and Gardens, implementing community gardens, permaculture gardens and also working and maintaining on a larger scale Syntropic Avocado farm, that got holistically “Syntropified” -> adding of multispecies with the syntropic agroforestry and Permaculture principles like:

  • intercropping Bananas, cassavas, Turmeric, ginger, Pigeon Pea, Black Bean,
  • Tomatoes, Wildflowers
  • Mulching
  • feeding the soil with biomass – Logs, branches, leaves, Hay, grass

one key: we are always Pruning existing, old trees (chop and dropping) when were planting a new succession of plants in the same rows/area –> harmonising roots, stimulating growth hormones, RESTARTING the cycle

syntropic green thumbs


Syntropy – Regenerative is The Future of farming and all economies – with industrial war industries, we will have no future 💪🌱

For me and thousands of other farmers, People, this IS The MISSING LINK in Food Production and Human ecology!

💚 We are The Solution – Our yards, Roofs, Plates and Shopping lists!

Benjy – We are the Regeneration Generation!


What I am offering now in the wonderful Withsundays:

The Green thumbs -Services:

  • Consultancy For Permaculture/Syntropic Landscaping – (inspiring you – talking about your goals and favorites)
  • Enhancing productivity and health of existing gardens, Orchards, farms – intercropping beneficial species etc.
  • Mulching, Creating healthy Soil – Hugelculture – logs – biochar in ground

New Garden Set up – planning

  • Layout planning – mapping – Zones – rows – water etc.
  • succession – What to plant when – cycles – Sun – Rain
  • irrigation – waterways – aquaponics – ponds

My Biggest passion – Syntropic Food Forests

  • Syntropic food forests – highly productive multispecies – mixed with natives, veggies, Fruits…
  • permaculture herb gardens

–> Low maintenance, High efficiency and yields – by working with syntropic – natural laws.

Lets make it fun and Collaborative – Power of CommUnity!

–> Workshops – Events – Introduction to Syntropic Regenerative practices – One of the biggest solutions to our planetary crisis and to transform industrial farming! 

(learn more at the end about syntropy and agroforestry)

  • Workshops – working bees – events – Hands-on Collaborative experiences
  • Learning how to start a garden 
  • sharing experiences – skills – knowledge – hacks
  • – how to be syntropic – Symbiotic communities
  • Power of community – 2 days instead of weeks


The Benefits of Regenerative Farming and Gardening – Win Win – Syntropic inspiration

Patagonia – Why We choose Regenerative organic

Page with past projects, bevore after, to inspire councils, farmers, people 

FOOD FORESTS NOT LAWNS – Protecting and Regenerating are the BIGGEST SOLUTIONS FOR OUR Global CLIMATE EMERGENCY – NASA PROOVES –> “kiss the ground movie” mind blowing!

  • Human HEALTH – Food is no. 1 cause of dis-ease and chronic autoimmune disfunctions…
  • future of earth – Protection – Regeneration – Unity
  • SOIL AND WATER RESTORATION – healthy microbiology, fungi, mycelium, insects, Humans
  • Real Organic -Regenerative FOOD
  • massive CARBON sequestion and water holding capacity
  • refuge and food for important insects – birds, ANIMALS, earthworms etc.

More info – Win Win for all Species of the community of life:

Using only Regenerative solutions – No harm – leave it better -principles

  • composting – hot compost, bio Dynamic, worms, or In-Bed composting
  • home biogas converter, worm farms, biochar…
  • Hugel culture – raised beds –
  • Regenerative Farming and gardenjing solutions
  • working with nature – Regenerative Solutions,
  • composting, 
  • home Biogas composting facilities
  • composting toilets, 
  • wormfarms, biochar, circular gardens


Syntropy is the missing link on a human ecological, economical and global level

syntropy is what nature intendet


…It changed many lives and mine for sure – in my first syntropic farming course

>> Syntropic – agroforestry – the highest form of regenerative farming 

About Syntropics:

>> Copying forest dynamics

>> Copying what nature is naturally doing 

>> Turning into our benefit, what 

>> Benefits the entire planet 





PODCAST EXAMPLE OF SYNTROPY – Brave new Lifeways with sovereign

Such a deeply connected human being – explaining syntropy through many lenses!

5. Resources – More Podcasts and resources:

I’m listening to Course in Syntropy | Course in Syntropy (November) Human Ecology Through the Syntropic Agroforestry Lens on Podbean, check it out!

Building a better world – Because we know the solutions – we got the tools

Regenerative agriculture 101

We are the Regeneration Generatoin

Benjy – Green thumbs

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