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Hi, Im Benjamin Sauber, born in germany, but call me Ben, Benjy, Benny. I am a Passionate Green thumb and love transforming Peoples yards into Vibrant Organic -Regenerative gardens and Food Forest. Creating working bees and community projects, improving existing gardens and integrating Holistic, regenerative principles, solutions and Pro-Life Innovations. Im coming from a background in industrial mechanics, Process optimisation and metal constructions… But I felt deep inside I need to change something, that’s not me. I started searching for solutions, regeneration and started travelling. Here I am 3 Years later, living my passions, dreams and loving every moment on my Journey of creation and evolution with other wonderful humans.

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Whats in here:

  1. Intro – a bit about me
  2. Syntropic agroforestry intro – and Pictures

2.2 – Syntropy – The future of farming and economy – Why regenerative organic – Syntropic means regenerative and adding to life

3. My Green thumbs Services – Gardens, food forests, working bees, syntropic Workshops…

4. The Benefits and Keys of regenerative farming – syntropy

5. Videos, Websites, Resources –> Introvideos, Movies i love, Free permaculture courses…

What we do – VIDEO – Basics of AGROFORESTRY

“Syntropic Agroforestry is a Regenerative, highly productive form of farming with endless scalability potential – adding Biodiversity while improving Yields and health of all communities involved” (human health, Soil, water, insects, birds, Plants)


Little about Benny – The Green Thumb

I worked the last 3 years on many Syntropic Projects and Gardens, implementing community gardens, permaculture gardens and also working and maintaining on a larger scale Syntropic Avocado farm, that got holistically “Syntropified” -> adding of multispecies with the syntropic agroforestry and Permaculture principles like:

  • intercropping Bananas, cassavas, Turmeric, ginger, Pigeon Pea, Black Bean,
  • Tomatoes, Wildflowers
  • Mulching
  • feeding the soil with biomass – Logs, branches, leaves, Hay, grass

one key: we are always Pruning existing, old trees (chop and dropping) when were planting a new succession of plants in the same rows/area –> harmonising roots, stimulating growth hormones, RESTARTING the cycle

syntropic green thumbs


Syntropy – Regenerative is The Future of farming and all economies – with industrial war industries, we will have no future 💪🌱

For me and thousands of other farmers, People, this IS The MISSING LINK in Food Production and Human ecology!

💚 We are The Solution – Our yards, Roofs, Plates and Shopping lists!

Benjy – We are the Regeneration Generation!


What I am offering now in the wonderful Withsundays:

The Green thumbs -Services:

  • Consultancy For Permaculture/Syntropic Landscaping – (inspiring you – talking about your goals and favorites)
  • Enhancing productivity and health of existing gardens, Orchards, farms – intercropping beneficial species etc.
  • Mulching, Creating healthy Soil – Hugelculture – logs – biochar in ground

New Garden Set up – planning

  • Layout planning – mapping – Zones – rows – water etc.
  • succession – What to plant when – cycles – Sun – Rain
  • irrigation – waterways – aquaponics – ponds

My Biggest passion – Syntropic Food Forests

  • Syntropic food forests – highly productive multispecies – mixed with natives, veggies, Fruits…
  • permaculture herb gardens

–> Low maintenance, High efficiency and yields – by working with syntropic – natural laws.

Lets make it fun and Collaborative – Power of CommUnity!

–> Workshops – Events – Introduction to Syntropic Regenerative practices – One of the biggest solutions to our planetary crisis and to transform industrial farming! 

(learn more at the end about syntropy and agroforestry)

  • Workshops – working bees – events – Hands-on Collaborative experiences
  • Learning how to start a garden 
  • sharing experiences – skills – knowledge – hacks
  • – how to be syntropic – Symbiotic communities
  • Power of community – 2 days instead of weeks


The Benefits of Regenerative Farming and Gardening – Win Win – Syntropic inspiration

Patagonia – Why We choose Regenerative organic

Page with past projects, bevore after, to inspire councils, farmers, people 

FOOD FORESTS NOT LAWNS – Protecting and Regenerating are the BIGGEST SOLUTIONS FOR OUR Global CLIMATE EMERGENCY – NASA PROOVES –> “kiss the ground movie” mind blowing!

  • Human HEALTH – Food is no. 1 cause of dis-ease and chronic autoimmune disfunctions…
  • future of earth – Protection – Regeneration – Unity
  • SOIL AND WATER RESTORATION – healthy microbiology, fungi, mycelium, insects, Humans
  • Real Organic -Regenerative FOOD
  • massive CARBON sequestion and water holding capacity
  • refuge and food for important insects – birds, ANIMALS, earthworms etc.

More info – Win Win for all Species of the community of life:

Using only Regenerative solutions – No harm – leave it better -principles

  • composting – hot compost, bio Dynamic, worms, or In-Bed composting
  • home biogas converter, worm farms, biochar…
  • Hugel culture – raised beds –
  • Regenerative Farming and gardenjing solutions
  • working with nature – Regenerative Solutions,
  • composting, 
  • home Biogas composting facilities
  • composting toilets, 
  • wormfarms, biochar, circular gardens


Syntropy is the missing link on a human ecological, economical and global level

syntropy is what nature intendet


…It changed many lives and mine for sure – in my first syntropic farming course

>> Syntropic – agroforestry – the highest form of regenerative farming 

About Syntropics:

>> Copying forest dynamics

>> Copying what nature is naturally doing 

>> Turning into our benefit, what 

>> Benefits the entire planet 





PODCAST EXAMPLE OF SYNTROPY – Brave new Lifeways with sovereign

Such a deeply connected human being – explaining syntropy through many lenses!

5. Resources – More Podcasts and resources:

I’m listening to Course in Syntropy | Course in Syntropy (November) Human Ecology Through the Syntropic Agroforestry Lens on Podbean, check it out!

Building a better world – Because we know the solutions – we got the tools

Regenerative agriculture 101

We are the Regeneration Generatoin

Benjy – Green thumbs

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