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Grounding ~ Videos, science and “The Magic of Earthing ~ with Spirit Science

Hi amazing being! Here is a remarkable collection of videos, docos and Resources about getting grounded, EMF influences, Earthing mats and more.

And it’s Benny again writing here, I truly got inspired and awakened about the importance of Grounding/earthing, barefoot walking in nature, connecting the bed to the earth, through eye~opening studies and stories.

Intro ~ Short Yoututbe Video ~ Spirit science ~ The magic of earthing

Earthing benefits

  • Studies for sleep improvement with earthing mats
  • Help with autoimmunity illnesses
  • Arrhritis, blood pressure
  • Harmonising the bodies protons and ions

What can we do:

  • Walk barefeetin nature, grass, water
  • Get a grounding mat or ground your bed

Important Helpful Links ~ Get earthed become Grounded:

~ How to connect your mat to the earth ~ DIY Earthing/Grounding

Full Dcumentary ~ The Earthing Movie ~ Remarkable science of Grounding

The Earthing Movie ~ Remarcable science of Grounding the body

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