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Before bed Meditations – Sadhguru Do it Before Bed – guided relaxation and manifestation meditation

I do different meditations before bed, here are my Top favorites. From sadhguru, to gregg braden and dr joe dispenza.

Relaxation and deep breathing – Do It ONCE Before Bed however deep you want!

– “ANYTHING YOU WISH WILL MANIFEST” #Sadhguru (Law Of Attraction)

  • It starts with relaxation and goes into deep breathing
  • into manifestation and love

GOALS – seeing clearly what I want to create – feeling emotions and seeing it clearly

  • what in next 3 months
  • next year
  • next 3 years
  • see it accomplished

My Goals <3

Nr. 1

my online Platform for positive change and solutions, The “Eco -Connector hub” – dot connector Platform for Positive regenerative solution empowerment

green thumbs empowerment <3

  • bringing solutions to where they are needed/having wonderful positive impacts
  • empowering with Health, healing, protection and Regenerative solutions
  • ECOTOPIA VISION – next year and next 3 years <3

Seeing the light of love filling my body and the room,

  • filling the whole area and space around – the country
  • every being with light of love and positive change, peace, EVOLUTION AND WELLBEING

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