Arc of real evolution

Transformation of mind and body – That’s beyond personal growth and healing – its about our self evolution

All the Resources, books, websites and life changing stuff at the end…

The followimg will change your vibes, inner “worldview” and can elevate your consciousness, to change your life forever!

– Dr. Joe Dispenza on The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani

This Podcast that will give you insights to remarkable healing studies, explaining consciousness, the programs, scientific studies and more

What do you think is possible for you? The Podcast that enriches millions of lives. Free yourself from condition, past and future. Creating and becoming a new you – breaking habit of being “yourself”.

Bevore 1.5 years on a beach in cambodia, when I listened to Dr Joe dispenza book “becoming supernatural” (werde übernatürlich)… I had my first profound epiphanies and glimpses of awakening. Sounds maybe a bit too spiritual now, I felt the same, but hold on, you will understand. 🙂

Learn the most mind blowing Scientific studies and methods to change the way you look at things, “your” thoughts, and what it means, when we’re saying “becoming the observer of ythe thoughts, emotions and programs”

The amazing Dr Joe dispenza – neuroscientist, author, doing life changing workshops, healing, transcendental meditations and more. Vishen Lakhiani – founder of Mindvalley, two books and transformative resources.

In this article you will also discover:

How To Train Your Mind, TO BECOMING OBSERVER, To Heal Your Body with the game changing Dr Joe sidpenza and Mindvalley founder Vishen.

– Science behind the inner and outter environment, that creates our lives, produces healing or deseases and more… Stress, anxiety, or love, gratitude, abundance. It’s really remarkable, what these amazing humans are doing for our inner and outter world and consciousness!

Time for transformation and self evolution

Become your consciousness observing the programs and thoughts. Getting beyond the old self. Grow – transform – heal – evolve

Two highly life enriching, evolutionary change makers meeting at the Mindvalley podcast. They will present and show you how to heal your body with the power of mind and consciousness.

We have never bevore been able to access so much life changing resources and have the time to grow endlessly. Elevate your consciousness, boost your immunity, heal your body – transform your mind.

-> become the change you want – by learning to observe… Being aware, analising thoughts, emotions and even inner processes.

1. Becoming aware of the old self and programs

A fundamental question:

Who is aware of the thoughts and emotions that happen to you?

You could ask yourself aswell:

What thoughts do I wanna fire and wire – creating a new program – open source, attached to nothing.

What thoughts and emotions, reactions are serving my life and others aswell as the world?

Observe the thoughts and programs and become the software programmer – teach your body the emotions, experiments and future you want!

It is a massive shift of consciousness happening, it’s on you, if you want to be a part of your solution and higher awareness.

A example that shows it easy to understand:

Did you heard about the study, where people just think about exercises, like playing a piano for 1hour per day and they get 13.5% better, just by imagination of the emotions and the movement.

Muscles grow and neuro pathways (synapses) get created when we thing about specific things consciously and with emotions.

The life enriching resources

Podcasts, websites, books and more:

  • Websites – Meditations, more to these amazing humans and companies.
  • books and more
  • Podcasts
  • Related resources and websites.

Websites: – transforming courses, education, health, success…

Website from dispenza:


  • Breaking the habit of being yourself” Dr. Dispenza – how to loose your mind and create a new one.
  • “You are the placebo”
  • “Becoming supernatural”
  • Vishens books:
  • The newest and super life changing for self, business, the inner Buddha and the unfuckwithable badass – “The Buddha and the badass”
  • “The Code of the extraordinary mind”

It defenitely changed my life and elevated me to the next levels of being. The stuff that counts most, to realise and do our inner work.

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