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Essential supplements From a severe Ptsd survivor Rohan ~ with lions mane, vitamins and psylocibin

Proven supplements and basic research from a amazing human who survived severe nerve damage, ptsd and having a drug morphine bag in his stomach.

From morphine to lions mane and l theanine with psylocibin and vitamin d3 and k2…

From real people, who healed with lions mane, vitamins, supplements, psylocibin, and more. Does this help? Share and comment. To help others

From rohan, the wonderful survivor on a mission, i met near mission beach, qld, australia.

Do some research based upon what if any current medication you but these are just basic stuff.  These are safe natural products but people should do a bit of research themselves. Every persons body is a unique chemical lab so there is always going to be some trial and error before getting best results

Essential supplements for brain, nerve, heart, energy and cancer 

From a survivor of severe ptsd, nerve damage, a morphine bag in his stomach and endless pain! 

———- brain, nerve, cancer, regeneration

  • “I did a huge amount of research for years on this stuff and I think it’s great for pain, positive mood 
  • and much increased immune system, 
  • good support of brain and gut health, 
  • reversal of aging and risks of dementia and alzheimers, 
  • Cancer protection, treatment prevention of cancer, heart disease and much more. “

It is all natural dietary supplements or simple amino acids, herbal extracts. Very safe and highly effective.

I also studied epigenetics, this protocol will work as well to change the genetic expression of DNA, should you choose to try it, to its pure best form, as it is copied into RNA based upon the environment that each cell is exposed to at the moment of replication. This stuff will affect mood and stress a lot. Mood and stress, feelings in other words are controlled by a cascade of peptides and neurotransmitters that we release based upon our interpretation and processing of the data feed that we collect from the field every moment of our existence. 

So some quantum physics does come into it at some levels but i do not want to get too technical. Just know that we are creating our entire reality within our mind at all times and producing and releasing these chemical signals in response as a feedback loop. 

These are the chemicals that make us feel good or make us feel sad or stressed.

During evolutionary times this worked well. Releasing stress hormones completely shuts down the immune system so that we have much more energy to save our life by running or fighting. It also switches genes. Our cells sit within a chemical soup of our own making and our genes switch the expression of our dna. 

To put it in simple terms, if we think too many negative thoughts and are stressed from pain too much it changes the DNA expression. We can begin to manufacture defective cells that cause almost all disease. Especially things like cancer. We don’t want that. So an effective means to combat this is using these products that lower oxidative stress, and by doing whatever it takes to feel good and lower production of stress hormones. Also another really good treatment/ prevention  for cancer/ dementia and heart disease is concentrated polyphenols such as any red or blue berries, and as much high quality Olive oil as it is possible to consume. That stuff is the best medicine out there.

Here is a few basic supplements brother 😊

Vit D3 with k2

in a dose actually needed for optimum health. D3 is an incredibly powerful antioxidant, it reverses aging, destroys free radicals that cause cancer, boosts energy, cognition, brain health, you name it. 

***I would recommend an initial loading dose of 10,000 iu (2 caps) daily for a few weeks then 5000 iu daily in morning.

DHA: ( omega 3 EPA/ DHA)

 Our brains are made mostly of fat and a lot of that fat is DHA. The benefits to the brain and gut and body of this supplement  is staggering, reverse onset dementia, greatly support positive mood, 

  • joint health 
  • stop and reverse heart disease, the list is endless, this will also 
  • provide the building blocks for restructuring positive networks of neurons in the brain,
  •  clear thinking, 
  • higher intelligence to name a few. It will work WITH the lions mane and others to rewire the brain into a happier healthier way and destroy cancer causing stuff too. 

Lion’s Mane:

 An incredible tool for pain, 

  • repairing nerve damage, 
  • for supercharging positive synaptic connections, 
  • mood, 
  • intelligence, so much. 
  • Causes big release of nerve growth factor. It will work synergistically with the others to have positive effects on mood and pain and nerve health etc.  
 (Vit B complex) Need this to methylate, synthesise and convert all the other stuff into the neurotransmitters and other forms that we actually use from the amino acid bases. Makes everything else far more effective, we don’t want to be just pissing and shitting these things out we want to get max benefit. 
L Theanine: 

This stuff is amazing for stress and anxiety, this is what I used throughout all of that super hard acute opiate withdrawal throughout 2018 & 2019. It is amazing and so safe it can be used in very high doses, basically anytime we feel stressed out or need to relax we can take one or two or more, almost as many as we like, would need to take something like 20,000 capsules to be dangerous.

It is an amino acid with very powerful antioxidant effects, and the extract contains powerful antioxidants particularly great for preventing and treating cancer too, it destroys many types of cancer. Unlike anti anxiety meds it calms and soothes without drowsiness but very calm and safe and not stressed using this product. 

Acetyl L Carnitine 

Increases blood flow to the brain, reverses dementia, increased mental alertness, much increased energy, reduced tiredness, stay clear and alert. 

B12 (methylated, most people can’t use an unmethylated B12 and are deficient)

A surprisingly effective neuropathic pain treatment and increased energy levels reduced tiredness extremely important for nerve and heart health. 

DL Phenylalanine (for pain &/or stress)

This stuff is great. A mixture of both the L isomer which is a dopamine precursor, and the D isomer. The D isomer inhibits the enzymes that break down endorphins and enkephalins. 

Endorphins are our naturally produced pain killers they work the same as morphine. In fact the word means ENDogenous mORPHINE. 

(Morphine from within) 

This inhibits the enzymes that break down and reabsorb your natural endorphins so that they stay present at your opiate receptor sites for longer and block pain. The L isomer will possibly lift energy levels too so if taking at night be aware of that. 


Great for sleep, we convert serotonin into melatonin at night to initiate sleep. Also extremely important for gut health especially repair, helps to drop out of Beta brain wave status. 

L Tyrosine 

Dopamine precursor for energy, memory, well being. 

L tryptophan 

Serotonin precursor for mood is often very helpful but can’t just start taking that depending on current medications

Magnesium is also great for pain as any pain specialist will tell you. I think that Magnesium Malate is an excellent form. 

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