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Healsome Organic Food Farming – Healthy People Happy Planet

1. Intro to healthy abundance in Our Organic Food forests and permaculture beds.

2. The produce – “Tasty” Pictures and description

Aloha wonderful people! Im Benny, volunteering at the Hungry spirit “Oasis” and introducing you here to our healthy organics,what can be your healing Superfoods, as long as we got it in stock.

Let food be thy medicine – Medicine Thy food. Todays challenges brought up a new generation of regenerative farmers and people who care for the health of our planet and fellow human beings.

You are what you eat!

We see our role as regenerative farmers as an integral part of commUnity and connection for positivr change. We believe that through small scale, organic farming and food forestry, we can build strong & healthy relationships and community which is deeply connected to their food system.

Healthy Ecosystem healthy Healthy You

We believe that by connecting communities to fresh, seasonal & nourishing food we can heal ourselves, our lands and make this world a better place!

Gathering together for health, fun and Planet – Happy harmony!

Creating ripple effects of positive change, by coming together, sharing skills, Deliscious, Healing food, empowering News and solutions for a greener, healthier and harmonic tomorrow.

The Produce – Organic – Healsome – fresh

Here is our wonderful, fresh produce of the syntropic and permaculture garden and forest.

Harmonic abundance in lightning ridge with some pictures, to take you into the beautiful journey to abundance and connect you to the medicine food that can grow.

Im also more than happy to share the keys to a happy garden and more healthy food, than you can eat.

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