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Greenmed Health Articles – yoga and Mushrooms for our Brains – Better avoiding Emfs and gluten?

A collection of life enriching and important articles about health, yoga, emf waves, gluten, corona and what to do. – the worlds largest, independent health platform and scientific research for freedom and positive change.

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216TH WEEK OF LOCKDOWN’ – New COVID Film SONGBIRD Scares the Hell out of People Because It May Not Be Entirely Fiction

The soon-to-be-released film Songbird is the first major project out of Hollywood since the lockdowns began, and it smacks of predictive programming, trauma-based mind control, and a disturbing blurring of the lines between fact and fiction. Read Article

The Grain That May Damage The Human Brain

With increasing recognition among medical professionals and the lay public alike that the health of gut and brain are intimately connected (i.e. the ‘gut-brain’ axis), the concept that gluten-containing grains can damage the human brain is beginning to be taken more seriously. Read Article

Brain Benefits of Yoga Comparable to Aerobic Exercise

Think you need to pound the pavement in order to obtain the brain-boosting benefits of exercise? Studies show yoga may be just as good as aerobics when it comes to maintaining a healthy brain. Read Article

How EMFs Disturb Your Immune System

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that surround you 24/7 could be interfering with your immune system function, even triggering allergic and inflammatory responses while interfering with your body’s repair mechanisms. Read Article

SONGBIRD “COVID Confinement Camps,” Predictive Programming & What To Do – Sayer’s VIDEO UPDATE

Sayer Ji gives a crucial update on the latest article featured on related to “COVID Confinement Camps,” and predictive programming via the new Hollywood film SONGBIRD, and what action steps to take to become more empowered despite these concerning developments. Watch Video

The Perils and Promises of 2020 and “The Great Reset”: Sayer Ji’s Analysis, Review & Suggestions

2020 will go down in history as the beginning of a world historical shift of epochal proportions. Yet, we’ve only just begun to understand and feel the impacts of the changes initiated by the acceleration of multiple agendas — spiritual, economical, political, environmental, biospheric — on the back of “Covid,” under the auspices of global “biosecurity.” What is the underlying Narrative that aims to rule them all? What forces are we working with, and how do best navigate them? Watch Video

Say NO To Forced Coronavirus VaccineImmense fear of the coronavirus, along with sweeping government-imposed shutdowns and stay-at-home orders, has crippled entire populations. Authorities now say the only way out is a vaccine for all along with 24/7 tracking and surveillance. Bill Gates, a tech billionaire who uses his wealth and status to influence policy, has gone on record saying that life will not return to normal until we can vaccinate the entire global population against COVID-19. Gates has also suggested that the coronavirus vaccine might become part of routine newborn immunizations. To that end, he is pushing for disease surveillance and a vaccine tracking system that might involve embedding vaccination records into our bodies through quantum dot technology.

Inflammation Masterclass with Dr. Elena Villanueva

Inflammation, when functioning properly, is essential to help the body fight off hostile microbes and repair damaged tissue. However, there is a much darker side to inflammation. This masterclass will give you everything you need to know about inflammation, its impact on your health, how to keep it from spreading, what you can do to reduce existing inflammation, and how to keep it away for good! The masterclass starts on November 8Register Now

Parasympathetic Summit

Discover how your parasympathetic nervous system activates your ability to relax and heal, routing blood flow to your organs of digestion and detoxification, slowing your heart rate, normalizing your breathing and calming anxiety and depression. Don’t miss this summit, November 9-15Register Now

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