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The Free EMF online summit – best and most important information for our health + protection from “5G” Microwave – Technologies –

Together we create a more beautiful world – see that it is possible. Be part of it. Learning – growing – evolving as one.

I’m so happy, excited and thankful for this amazing event and knowledge available! The most important info and solutions we need to know about the new technologies, how to protect our families, health and life on this wonderful planet. The solutions are there, let’s engage everyone and empower positive, collective change.

Quick links:

Link to the free gifts of the emf online summit – thank you + the order page

I would pay for a full online and offline package 99$ for the most amazing resources, studies, ebooks, and video conversation with specialists. Just online access is 59$

Because endless studies reveal critical evidence for the harm of the emerging technologies and the relation to more deseases etc.

Free access and more options:

Check sayer ji’s platform – (founder of the online summit) “GreenMed-info. Com” biggest, alternative and holistic, online health information. Have a look, it’s one of the most important “collective health – knowledge platforms” of our times I think.

That’s my afilliate linke to the free 5g online summit, it’s totally for free, but they also have products to purchase, like a full lifetime access to all videos for your hard drive etc. Link to the registration page:

Why I think it’s so important and how I came to it…

I often got confused, while talking with people and researching about emf, 5g technology, phone – cell tower radiation, harm and so on… I haven’t really been able, to talk about in detail, because I did not knew enough about the backgrounds, true science etc…

You just get the “official” news, that everything about 5g is conspiracy and false information… So what to do now without shutting off completely?

I finally found this amazing online summit after dozens of articles and videos…

The summit started already on the 1.6. Until the 7th. – you can still tune in for free / purchase all the free content and additional packages, like all the videos and talks to download…

Link to the free gifts – thank you + Special additional packages-  the order page

FREE REGISTRATION AND ACCESS – Link to “the emf online summit – registration page” – leading edge scientists, studies, and grassroots speakers, ebooks and more, for our collective health, truth and positive change. + lots of free ebooks, Infos, resources.

For me, this incredible, game changing resources, ebooks etc. Are the most amazing knowledge and resource summary available online! Sorry, I can not upload pictures, my laptop broke…hope that changes soon,that I can show nice pictures and structure…

My Facebook post with Screenshots from the summits content, free gifts, content etc.

Websites – Infos – Resources

Resources, insights, websites and links to the founders, movements etc. – important Infos (that’s what I got after my signing up) – Link to the free gifts – thank you – Special additional packages– 

Videos to the summit and related resources for positive change etc.:

Now you now a bit about these wonderful people and what they do…

Links for the online summit, packages, order page and free gifts: (afilliate links – because I love the opportunity, to get rewarded, by sharing what I love)

Link to the registration page:

2040 – theRegeneration

Watch the movie #2040Theregeneration

For the most important solutions and changes to create a blossoming 2040 and future planet ???

And then this amazing online resources, for positive change

  • The “2020 solutions” – additional online course
  • Do you also want to learn about the highly complex, but solvable problems of 5g? Let’s come together, call to action for a transformative, health-wave of good people, real studies and science for our social and global health & transformation.

That’s I think everything we need to know about this new technologies, using emf – 5g (60Gigahertz – microwaves)

– the confusing “Crisis” (behind) and what we can and should do for a healthy, peaceful life. Perfect for these confusing times. Make your own picture with the real, free science, good, independent human beings…

(it will may be banned/censored, because the huge corporations with the tech and behind don’t want that critical knowledge in the masses… – that’s why I also purchase all the content on my hard drive. If you are not able to purchase or youre not sure, if it’s worth it, I can show you insights and material.)

I also purchase, because I want to support these wonderful people, for positive changes in the world. Join us, for a world of truth, health and peace.

With real scientists, physicians, positive change makers etc. It’s no conspiracy, it’s true science and evidence based facts and knowledge, combined with solutions for health, home and life on earth.

Also, because I’m doing treeplanting everyday and can’t watch it yet. (no internet and full time work on the block)

-> purchase a package to watch everything whenever you like + A huge community of scientists, positive change maker, medics you and me are opening up the crucial information about the upcoming Emf technologies, harm, solutions and what to do.

Be the change you want to see – share, care, protect, create

We are standing up collectively for our human rights and that’s the place to be for it.

More insights and thoughts to emfs, the summit and solutions

See how this technologies are working, from experts.

Why we should be “healthily” concerned, with critical, open mind

how we protect ourselves from harmful radiation and new generation microwaves from the new 5g – the 5th generation.

How we change the corporations behaviors. Through action and smart meters..

Successful solutions ongoing!

New grassroots leaders and lawyers have already successfully put down 5g towers, it is our right, to not have this technology bombarding us!

(i and the summit are not saying, that this tech or 5g is the cause of Corona or anything what the so called “conspiracist” would do… They just show studies and evidence to lots of different, important cases about how emf waves harm our bodies, brain and DNA, aswell as lowering the immune system.

(but I don’t want to explain to much around, the video is amazing and you will see, that these are wonderful, smart and hard working people, to help humanity and our planet)

Resources from the founder and others:

Short insights to the summit:

what are EMF’s and this specific 5-g”
– Why should we all share this knowledge
– why YouTube etc. Are censoring everything about it?
– “the facts, that PhD scientists, and thousands of people and studies show evidence, that emf waves lower and harm immune systems and more.

Everything we need to know, for free:
Incredible important knowledge about emf microwaves, the technologies that get installed all over the world,
– strategies to easily protect home, family and health

What we can and should do and amazing e books, Infos, conversations to really be clear and have a independent picture about our world.

The summit is free, until the 7th. Of June. After that we can purchase all the content, that’s not already given away.
I purchase the package to have full access to all the videos, interviews, extras all the time

Together for our collective evolution – a sustainable, regenerative future!

Let’s stay in touch for positive change my friends, all the best.

Your sustainable inspirit – the beard – Benny