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Covid ~ independent resources ~ Health Freedom For Humanity – let’s stop fighting – My Greatest Resources for becoming clear on this “Pandemic of compliance”!

Here, the greatest independent resources, Websites (at the end) and proven scientific facts, about Covid, the real pandemic and vaccinations etc. Don’t give up your rights unite strong together.

Please share this remarkable speech from dr. Julie Ponesse ~ It is truly eye-opening and motivating! Goes about This “Global Pandemic”, vaccinations, Health freedom and how IMPORTANT our choice and speaking up is! This is about why we should not just comply with what’s going on, It is your right of choice! And no protection from these vaccines etc… Big, Important changes are happening worldwide, Please share these resources and help people question, wake up, unite for our Health and freedom and understand for yourself from many great independent sources, science and doctors.

“this Pandemic is the greatest thread to Humanity” Understand why in this article.

One of the greatest Videos I’ve seen on this topic – Remarkable speech, dr julie Ponesses>> do-not-give-up-your-rights- dr-julie-ponesses- remarkable-speech/

This is one of the clearest and greatest videos about the pandemic that is happening – facts, Natural remedies that work, politics and critical thinking! <3

Covid 19 is the greatest threat to humanity and our freedom. Not because of a virus that has mortality under 1%, but EVERYONE should care about the truth and scientific and political processes!

Because of our response to what is being done about it and over our rights and Future!

We need to demand evidence and not comply!

Here are The greatest Resources, and remarkable Speeches, about what is happening and why. Not from Anti or Pro vaxxer, but From wonderful, Pro-Life, Pro-health guided Humans as I consider myself. Delivering the most eye-opening facts, speeches and resources about the Global pandemic… Health, Natural WORKING solutions and facts on why and how and what to do…

Where are the 60s and 70s revolutionaries?! – Peaceful Standing up!

We need to be Just Pro-Life and Pro-freedom, standing up together for what is right. Have you seen the millions walking and Uniting on the streets?! Big Change is happening worldwide! DONT GIVE UP!

“vaccination is the ticket to a conditional return “normal and free” life again, they say. Do you believe that?

Resources From the wonderful Beings from Health Freedom For Humanity HFFH – fighting peacefully for all of humanities future


“We educate and empower humanity to defend it. Standing up toogether for whats right – fighting peacefully.”

HFFH – benjy

This is a Pandemic of compliance!

Businesses, People and politicians complying with the orders… This is the banality of evil. The order

Here I share amazing and important resources, inspiration and the top independent websites about health, Peer review science platforms and solutions aswell as how we can protect our rights and freedom…

This is a war about the government and our

  • are you a citizen or subject? Do you really want to be free?
  • this the most eyeopening video – The Speech of a professor, that speaks out about facts, covid truths, and Rights of us all!

“The right to health and freedom is under serious attack from people that are lost and don’t care about anything. I AM Not Against vaccines – but not for this experiment from institutions, that are far away from wanting human wellbeing!

I Healed covid with healthy immunity, natural remedies and fasting in Two days!

My immunity is strong enough – I healed the covid flu symptoms in two days. Pharmacies make money with sick people – how far do you think they would go. Not speaking about all the deeper “conspiracies” like NWO – Depopulation (bill gates saying openly – “there are too many people”) what would you do if you are in power and want to keep the planet, your profits with sick people and decimating population? ok or not ok? Do millions of lives matter if we could save the planet and all life on earth?

Let this wonderful video sink in and see the resources below for further info <3

I hope they dont try to shut my site down, because its happening to many health and freedom practitioners…


Be wary of large media outlets that are funded by organizations That are profiting from pharmaceuticals and supporting a one-sided view of health and medicine. Everyone needs to do their own research to find the voices they trust. Here are some independent news sources that we like:

Podcasts and Videos:


Conventional medicine is the right fit for some people, but it is not the only medical model available. All medical systems have different strengths and weaknesses—each being best suited to the needs of different individuals, diseases, symptoms, etc. Especially if you are not meeting with success in your healthcare, consider researching methods outside of the conventional medical model, to find out whether they are right for you, such as: naturopathy, functional medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy, midwifery, etc.

Also note: we are building a practitioner database so that like-minded patients and practitioners can find each other.

If you are a practitioner that would like to be added to this database, check back soon for a sign up form.

Positive change lies in all of our actions – all of our votes, dollars and NON-Actions are counting!

With facts, solutions, love and Regenerative businesses we will save our Planet and create a thriving, evolutionary future – im certain <3

Benny, Your Green thumb

Health Freedom for Humanity unites people from all walks of life under one common purpose: the reclamation and defense of Real health freedom. 

We believe that making one’s own health decisions, without coercion or force, is an inalienable right and is increasingly under threat. 

We welcome you to stand with us to protect and advance this right against all past, current, and future infringements, via education, personal empowerment, community support, and unity in action. 

We are Health Freedom for Humanity. Join us.



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