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My Permaculture Keys to a Healthy happy and abundant garden – Green Thumbed Harmony

Amazing garden hacks and keys i learned the last years, aswell as survival and companion tips for every plant. Digging logs into the ground, Mulching and keys to a healthy abundant soil, full of good bacteria, mycelium and water.

Here you find a awesome explanation, why logs are superior in the soil and under your raised garden beds

In summary, We copy Natures abundance, planting syntropy above and below – growing soil in harmony and supporting natures processes by adding brneficial organics and natural resources.

In the video, first some pictures,

– then the planting, soil mix, charcoal and companion plants.

+ at the end some love, inspiration, and thanks to all of you, who do their little part of planting seeds of love, plants and positive change ? regenerative action on, Your benny – Namaste ????

Keys and steps i did:

? Steps – After i digged the hole and mixed in the bottom the soil+compost mix (not full, just a foundation)

? Charcoal, woodchips, (better activated with pee or vinegar etc.)

-> we are always having wees on the charcoal dumping area 🙂

+ making space for the plant/s

+ Get the plant in

+ mix the soil mix, you made around the new family member.

Top layer:

+ mulch, organic compost mix or mushroom compost,

-> Garden greens, hay, and kitchen waste under the top layer

More incredible garden and soil enhancer tipps:

1. Digging logs in and around your garden

With woodchips, charcoal and compost or garden greens and kitchen scraps

2. Planting keys

– digging a nice hole

– charcoal, woodchips, compost and soil in

– love, plants, seeds, companion plants

– mulch on top (woodchips, hay, grass, greens etc.

Companion plant buddies i use:

– saltbush, raddish, succulents, bush beans, peas,

– leucena is also a nice bush.

– flowers, nasturhum, marygold, colossum,

– corn, sunflower, and endless more in the mr. Fothergills app

Or google (#ecosia) #companion plants

Why companions?

  • Companions are good for the soil fertility
  • More shade and soil moisture
  • Communication – Mycelium
  • Nutrient transportation
  • Attracting beneficial insects + natural predators.
  • -> PRUNING of the big trees IS IMPORTANT WHEN YOU PLANT big and small plants TOGETHER (They send growth hormons out and strengthen the root system)

Short Video about My companion and more density and abundance in syntropy ?

Plantimg around the trees

– watermelon, corn, beans, tomatoes, rockmelon,

– peas, cucumber, flowers ????

Soil abundance and density like a food forest ?

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