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Fresh Organic Veggies Available today in Lightning Ridge – Health for Hungry Spirits

Organic produce, Pictures, Prices and contact

Let food be your medicine… Greetz from Benny and The healsome Hungry Spirit in lightning ridge 🙂 See What We Grow and Order Online for a pickup. That’s your Health on-demand in a box!

From now on, you can Support Local, Regenerative Farmers and get the healingly fresh and tasty organic Veggies! We’re growing Them with love and passion for a healthy Planet and People, in the Hungry Spirit’s “Syntropic Oasis”.

No Chemicals, Pesticides etc. Get the real food, that’s good for you and the planet. fresh, tasty and healing!

Contact me 041 683 0609 , or comment in Facebook (benny sauber or rebel black – Wonderful Creator and Owner of the Hungry spirit – Oasis)

I always love to share, how you turn them Goodies of mother nature into a deliscious food journey. I also share Superfoods and Make smoothies and Spreads that elevate your health and happiness 🙂

I love to use these amazing zucchini as the raw, tasty sweet bread, in salads, smoothies and soups. They have heaps vitamin C – Give your system a Boost!

Kindly, and i hope to see ya soon for a healthy exchange,

Benny, the bearded, friendly guy with the straw hat.

Freshly Available today (see also pictures) – I call that – Healsome Organics

Whole – Healing – Holistic – Health on demand 🙂

You can choose from this list

(Just tell me what you want – Or choose from the Ready To Pick up Options After the Fotos)

  • Lettuce – Green
  • Celery – Salads, dips, raw, smoothie – super good for you!
  • Zucchini Big and Small – Amazing zucchinies! Super tasty, soft with skin, Raw, in salads, smoothies, and as bread!
  • Beetroot golden – deliscious, juicy, sweet
  • Beetroot Red – Tasty, sweet, crunchy, fresh, amazingly good for you
  • Silverbeet – crunchy, sweet salty, deliscious (salads, smoothie, cooking)
  • Poc Choi – amazing for stirs, soups, and on salads cooked
  • Parsley – amazing uplifting herb for salads, smoothie, cooking
  • Kale – skinny light blue-white
  • Mints – amazing for tea, water, salats, raw – Good for teeth, brain and digestion
  • asparagus – only a few

Produce Options – Prices Negotiable:

Pre Mixed – My Recommendations and Whats available:

  1. Mixed Greens – Bunch:

– Lettuce + Silverbeet + Cellery + Boc choi + Parsley + Kale – 15$

–> Amazing for a Huge Salad or Soups, Stirs, Smoothies 🙂

2. Package of Healsome Goods – Healthy garden In a box– 24 $

  • zucchini big (2-3kg) – 6-9 $
  • zucchini Small – 1-2 KG – 4-6$
  • Big beetroots in piece (500-800gr) – 5-8$
  • Small Beets Golden or Red – 3-5$
  • Cellery, Silverbeet, Boc choi –> 3-8$ Per Bunch (500-999gr)
  • Parsley, Kale, Lettuce – 3-7$ Per Bunch

Contact us to order easy

Contact me on 041 683 0609

–> or comment in Facebook (benny sauber or rebel black – The Wonderful Creator and Owner of the Hungry spirit – Oasis)

Thank you for supporting Regenerative Farming, so we can create more of it and help People and Planet. You can always come around and we can exchange Keys for a healthy and Organic Garden, Innovations, Solutions and Whatever helps us growing.

You love your health and want to perform at your peak?

Brain enhancing superfoods my List on iHerb- my top superfoods

Check this Article:

– My Superfoods and medicinal mushrooms – the most life enriching and Brain enhancing Superfoods and medicinal Mushrooms

Peak summary –> Here are The Best Medicinal Mushrooms and Superfoods, That prevent dementia, altsheimers etc. And act as amazing Brain enhancer for:

  • More Motivation and Mood enhancement
  • Lifting Brain fog – Regenerating Brain cells and Nerves!
  • More Creativity, Focus, clarity and happiness!!
  • Proven Superfoods that enrich my life and help millions of people


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