Eye Opening Zach Bush on Podcasts about Gmos, gut health and truths about industrial farming

Want to know The real roots and causes of diseases and our “cancer~sick” society?!… Thanks to zach bush, here he opens our eyes and saves lifes!

Aloha earth fam! I knew roundup, monsanto and glyphosate are bad… but this science and game changing truthtelling in such eye opening ways is ground… or gut breaking!!

What incredible humans wow!! Humans like him and documentaries woke me up to the hard and inconvinient truths, but ultimately motivated me for miraculous changes and evolution of conciousness, meeting amazing like mindet people and surfing a healthy wave of loving life and positive change, inspiration, truth, health and regenerative, organic farming and food!

Hear and feel for yourself (if you not already suffer any food, or chemical food born illnesses… How bad the glyphosate and chemical pandemic really is. These companies dont want any good, rather then for their power and money.

We are all together changing the story By buying local and organic regenerative food

From leaky gut to auto immunity diseases,
Infertility, autism, cancer!!

The real roots of diseases and “cancer”

Killing soil life, ocean, rivers…

Docos and movies that saved my health and opened my eyes

The good news ripple effects of positive change is happening with all the documentaries on top, like:

  • Cowspiracy
  • What the health
  • Game changers
  • That sugar film
  • Rotten
  • Seaspiracy
  • Heal

These chemical companies together with pharma industries are really fast getting pushed out from the concious way of love, awareness, healthy people and truth telling Wonderful beings like zach bush!!

More amazing episodes •》My spotify Health Podcast playlist

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