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Hemp Powered vehicles – Hemp Car Tours US, Canada – Ending Cannabis Prohibition into a #HempfulFuture

Hemp Powered vehicles

Hemp building – #hempcrete

Hemp airplane – Hemp boats

3d printing with natural materials

Hemp as superfood, protein, seeds for the Müsli

Into a #HempfulFuture the #hempCar runs with Hemp fuel

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Why Hemp got prohobitted:
Quoting: “Petroleum companies also knew that petroleum emits noxious, toxic byproducts when incompletely burned, as in an auto engine. In 1937 DuPont, Mellen and Hearst were able to push a “marijuana” prohibition bill through Congress in less than three months, which destroyed the domestic hemp industry.
Fear driven myths about hemp and marijuana have kept these plants from providing society with much needed alternatives to current consumer habits. Hemp Car hopes to help expel these myths and show the true hemp plant to N.American society.

Canada’s recent withdraw of hemp prohibition is a big step toward global reform. People must keep working to see common sense become reality.