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The Online Summit for Hope and Abundance of Inspiration, we Need For Positive Change

Aloha wonderful change makers and beautiful humans and welcome to this days of Connection and Hope for our Global Metamorphosis!

I’m infinite pleased that i found the Communities for Future Online Summit, it´s a “free” opportunity to get phenomenal inspiration and build community for a regenerative future! (Costs, after the summit)

That´s exactly, what i always searched, because that´s what Humanity and our Planet needs! The Power of our Human Online -Connection for positive shifts! 

My special announcement today:

This wonderful truly life changing and mind blowing event is opening all 32 interviews for you and your communities on Tuesday, February 11 for free!

Join us in this day of connection and hope

at (Just Tomorrow all incredible interviews for free – watch your favorites)

I´m talking here shortly about this incredible and important online Event and the wonderful people and Ecovillage-Networks behind the Solutions for our Future – Join us, if you want to be part of the solution for positive change. 

Who created regeneration event for positive change?

GEN-Ecovillage Community created an evolutionairy Regeneration-Movement and on their Website you find a huge Solution Library – Ecovillages – Resources and more. 

Wonderful people coming together, exactly what we need! Solutions for everyone!

–> About The and Global evolution!


Infinite inspiration and motivated to save the world!

I watched many of their interviews for an incredible 9 days now and im totally inspired and motivated!

Full of new inspiration, websites for key solutions and everything we need to grow together in a blossoming, sustainable future! 

–> Most people and even politicians don´t know about all these incredible Solutions and Opportunities we have for our urgently needed, Global Regeneration –> “Drawdown – 100 Top Solutions – solving climate crisis”

The Global Ecovillage Network invited 32 inspiring leader and edge-thinker!

Discover The story of love, sustainable harmony and peace for all…

Exactly the inspiration i needed! Where everyone wins and we all evolve and grow together, by using our incredible tools and instruments for a real, sustainable evolution! ???☯️

No more Ego – We go ECO – Logic!

Including my favourite “inspiriter” Charles Eisenstein, for new thinking and creating a new story of interbeing! (Podcast: “a new and ancient story“)

  • Calixto Suarez, Frederic Laloux, Meg Wheatley, Manish Jain, Sabine Lichtenfels, Coyote Alberto Ruz, Maddy Harland, John D. Liu, Daniel Christian Wahl, Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Pat McCabe,
  • and many grassroots leaders.

Take this Life Changing Opportunity and get Key Inspiration For Our Global and individual Metamorphosis… I really love that, because that´s Evolution! 



When and how available?

On Tuesday, February 11, all 32 interviews will be available. The interviews will be online for a total of 36 hours each, until the suns sets over the West Coast of Canada. We are one planet.

They will be posted at 10 am Kiribati, (and 10 pm GMT previous day), just in time for the new day to start in the Pacific, then move across Asia and over Africa and Europe into Latin America and North America. 

Join us in this day of connection and hope at

Your opportunity, to join the Evolution for free, but just one day! After that We can purchase a package, to support GEN´s work and positive change.


What we need for a Global, Sustainable Evolution <3

In case you missed your favorite speaker, or want to discover the most amazing key solutions for our biggest challenges, this is your chance! That´s really life changing information, everyone should know about it, i think!

And please can you help us to spread this message so it reaches others who are searching for inspiration. Invite your friends, family and community to join us at


Can you see the bright, green, flourishing future ahead?

We need to spread, learn and implement. Together! Learning where to find the solutions and how to apply them easily in our daily life and economy, to create a new story.

No More Pollution – No More Destruction – We Are The Re-Generation – You Are – We Are Individual Solutions – In The Tsunami Of Positive Change <3

I am super Excited are you!? 🙂 Get inspired and tell us what you love in the comments. If you also got resources, websites, videos etc. you want to share, just post it in the comments or email me: Thanks, and stay happy, healthy and wonderful!

I hope to see you there, all the best and namaste!


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for the work we put in and encourage us to continue,
GEN-Online Summit Package
GEN-Online Summit Package

Jump to my favorite and most wonderful Resources for positive change: (Extra Article)

  • Websites, Solution Libraries, Networks, Communities, Groups
  • Most important and stunning solutions – “Project Drawdown” etc.
  • Game Changing Projects, large scale Regeneration and Restoration, Innovations and Technologies

Everything we need for a real evolution – our Sustainable, Global Evolution <3

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