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How a shark head on the beach motivates me for positive inspiration

Aloha wonder,

I wanna talk a bit about the positive movement inside my self, in the world and why a shark head and a dead rooche at the beach, while i did my morning yoga and run without rum, are motivating me to work and inspire more for positive change and love and peace!

To see negative, destructive things, are often my motivation to spread and search solutions and wonderful inspiration! Lets focus together the good things, what we can do, how we protect our health and global peace and sustainability.

It’s time of big changes, we need to be aware and work together in sustainable unconditional love, to thrive and bring out the truth and freedoom… (More later)

All of the positive inspiration that motivates me most and i always love to talk about.

What an inspiring day off, with an incredible starsky- morning, where all the street lights went off, exactly when i came up 
Shooting stars and a incredible morning run with lovely sunrise yoga 

Positive vibe generator – focusing good things we have and solutions
– wonderful quotes
– amazing projects where we get hope

And all the things, to grow together and see how amazing humanity can be

(Also a little article about corona perspectives – emf protection – science – studies

– health – sustainable inspiration and Love

See ya soon wonderful peops

Sustainable, bearded love and harmony to you,


And hey,
I just started Collecting my youtube playlists and wrote about the most wonderful movies, that inspired and motivated me most for positive, healthy changes!

– incredibly, life changing movies wirh shocking, but deeply eye opening truths

And the things and relations we need to know

What we eat matters- a lot

Good, green, sustainable, happy healthy consumption, to support the positive change,
By being the positive change 曆


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