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Michael gelb and How can i become more creativity flow and innovative?

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He is also sending you announcements for BodyLearning & Qigong courses when your primary interest is in creativity, innovation and genius thinking. The reason is that ENERGY is the key to making creativity, innovation, and genius real. If you’re curious about the connection, I wrote a whole book about it: Creativity on Demand: How to Ignite & Sustain the Fire of Genius.

Michael J. Gelb is the world’s leading authority on the application of genius thinking to personal and organizational development. He shows you how to rethink the way you think by helping you discover your natural ability to create, communicate, and lead in every area of your life – from designing a dinner party to mapping out your life goals, from running a more effective business meeting to improving memory and increasing your creative power.

Thinking for a Change unveils fresh strategies for thriving on change and increasing productivity through synvergent thinking, the art of balancing logic and imagination, reason and intuition. It is a way of seeing the whole picture by integrating the larger elements and the details. It is the ability to entertain multiple pairs of seemingly opposite ideas simultaneously. Thinking for a Change also teaches listeners how to facilitate the mind’s ability to link disparate ideas. This process of association is the basis for the skill of mind mapping, a method that improves the organization of ideas and encourages synvergent thinking. Based on a practical understanding of the structure and design of the human brain, and research into the thinking patterns of history’s great achievers such as Darwin, Edison, and Leonardo da Vinci, mind mapping unleashes your ability to generate new ideas quickly and organize them effectively. In today’s global marketplace everyone from retailers and restaurateurs to computer consultants and communications companies are restructuring, reengineering, and reinventing themselves. In a world of accelerating change, individuals and organizations can no longer afford to approach information-age problems and opportunities with industrial-age thinking skills. A more fulfilling life, a stronger organization, a saner society – they all start with your thinking, your actions, and your courage. So listen to this program and begin Thinking for a Change.©1996 Michael J. Gelb (P)2010 Gildan 

Deepak Chopra and michael geld on how to think like leonardo da vinci

In this engaging audio program, the spiritual insights and genius of Leonardo da Vinci make for a lively dialogue between Michael J. Gelb and Deepak Chopra. The two conclude that we all have access to the intuitive, creative, and visionary responses that da Vinci did, but there is no doubt, as Chopra says, that Leonardo was “an accelerated expression of the natural evolution of consciousness”.

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