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How coral restoration works – exciting research i love to share

Do you like breathimg good air? What will it cost us to safe the reefs? More important and also counts for forests and all our actions.

What is the true cost if we dont change now?

Ask yourself, do you want to be positive or negative change? Lots of love, solution on

Do you want to know, how we restore reefs with new technology, that makes the sound of an healthy reef and therefore attracts life and restores the reef?!

Ted talk – coral reforestation through mistake science

I love our wonderful oceans and incredible life in and around there. Now there are so many people doing the most wonderful under-water-Ground work, to restore and reforest our marine Underwater World.

You will find here:

Coral reforestation, marine permaculture

+ links to amazing videos

+ reef restoration with frewuencies and sound of healthy reefs

And more exciting, wonderful love.

Enjoy what i found and share yours with me in Facebook or here.

Lots of oceanic and natural love.

Your green thumbed benny.

So wonderful. Important and doable as necessary.

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