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Why decentralised finance is changing The world

Here you find the answers to:

1. Why do we need a decentralised web + finance

Cryptocurrencies have had their time in the spotlight. Now it’s time to focus on solving bigger problems.

2. What is defi, crypto, blockchain

3. The mostgame changing Decentralised Ecosystems

Bottom line first:

Why do we need a decentralized web? + and crypto or blockchain?

  • With all our data in the hands of a small number of huge centralized corporations, we are at the mercy of Money, psychopaths, hackers, increased surveillance, and increased censorship.
  • It turns out, an encrypted, blockchain-operated decentralized web could be the answer.

Discover in the following:

Super informative, compact content about defi, crypto and how important these game changing technologies are. (Curated and copied from – enjoy, Your green thumb.)

The future of internet, money, finance is decentralised and mostly open source.

Meaning is pretty simple i guess:

+ Systems for the people, no control or manipulation through central “intelligence or institutions” … once we leave out all the technical terms and descriptions like self governance, utility token, defi, blockchain…

Love evolution – unity – utility – smart contracts

This “DeFi and Blockchain” is as big as a game changer as the internet was in the 90’s!

But hey, Defi crypto, bitcoin… Whats going on?! Whats the difference and whats most important to know?

In short:

Crypto-Currencies and De-centralised-Finance – systems, are The evolution of our financial and economical systems as we know it.

  • The internet has witnessed many big developments since it was created. The next big one will be decentralization.
  • Right now, the internet is centralized by monopolized Big PLAYERS LIKE
  • Google, banks, amazon, and war Gamers…
  • which cause many issues, not the least of which is big companies having power over vast amounts of data.
  • Over the past few years there has been a major increase in the number of decentralized projects working on making the decentralized web a reality in the near future.

Positive change and evolutionary ecosystems are popping up everywhere throug…

  • No more centralised, institutions controllimg data, money or rules.
  • No manipulation possible
  • Governt by the people,
  • For the world
  • Benefitting and open for all people with internet (even offline wallets possible)
  • Ecosystems that change the world

Cryptocurrencies have had their time in the spotlight. Now it’s time to focus on solving bigger problems.

Since the recent reports of Google — a company that has always prided itself on bringing the fairest, most accurate search results in the world to its users — working on a censored search engine for China, there have been mounting concerns by human rights groups about the future of the web.

– Patrick Poon, a China researcher for Amnesty International, stated, “In putting profits before human rights, Google would be setting a chilling precedent and handing the Chinese government a victory.”

Considering how much of a monopoly Google currently has on the web (think YouTube, Google News, Google Maps, Google Drive and Google AdWords), such news is quite startling — and a little scary.

The big question many people are finding themselves asking is: 

What’s the alternative?

It turns out, an encrypted, blockchain-operated decentralized web could be the answer.

Who are the major companies involved?

Over the past couple of years, there has been a significant rise in the number of companies dedicating their time, money, and resources to creating decentralized alternatives for some of the most popular centralized products.

TRON is one of the projects dedicated to establishing a decentralized web.

As one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world, it has high throughput and can currently support approximately 2,000 transactions per second, drastically surpassing the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum, which can support only 3-6 transactions and 25 transactions per second respectively.

It also has high scalability and availability options which can support a huge number of users. The team’s overall long-term goal is to make decentralized software more versatile in order to, ultimately, expand the industry.

The TRON team is made up of over 100 experienced international blockchain enthusiasts, who have a significant amount of experience and have been employed by internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu.

Earlier this year, TRON announced Project Atlas, in which they acquired file-sharing giant BitTorrent. The move marks the first major crossover between file sharing and decentralized technology, and has helped increase TRON’s profile.

Meanwhile, companies like Graphite Docs have made a decentralized alternative to Google Docs that encrypts all your work, files, and messages, while still making them shareable.

Unlike a centralized service where your private information is at the hands of the provider, the files stored on Graphite Docs are completely owned by the user.

Similarly, projects like Skycoin are developing the backbone of a new decentralized internet, with a mesh network that pays users for supporting it. The Skycoin project and specifically its leading product Skywire has over 9,500 nodes online. One of the project’s community members even built a dedicated page with a regularly updated map of all active nodes around the world.

Skywire’s current testnet has functions similar to TOR but is actually much faster. Community members can build and operate their own simple DIY nodes called ‘Skyminers’ to access and expand the mesh network. Soon, they will also be able to purchase officially sanctioned Skyminers from Skycoin’s website. During the testnet phase, running an approved Skyminer on the network earns Skycoin currency on a monthly basis. When mainnet launches these Skyminers will earn currency based on how much bandwidth they forward and process. This project, like many others with net-neutrality values at their core, is aiming to bring freedom and power back to the users and away from centralized, controlling ISPs and governments.

Discover here my collection and research about the top defi projects and How Decentralised Finance Will Change the World’s Economy.


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