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How “meatlovers” and fast foodler can be healthy and good for the planet – how can I inspire positive change to farmers, people and industries?

I love this wonderful, phenomenal planet we are allowed to live on and gifted all these wonders of life! I want to do everything I can to come together and inspire positive change +starting regeneration projects and innovation +healing centers.

It is possible and we got all the tools we need and the amazing solutions

How can I inspire meatlovers, to stop eating destructive meat and industrial products, that are bad for our planet, their own health (game changers). Polluting everything – air, rivers, water, oceans. They don’t care, they are totally mindless. We can show and inspire them and spread together the solutions.

Many movies show the huge problems and a bit of the solutions, especially the movies:


The Need to grow (limited time for free)


My questions, also to you for ideas:

How can industrial farming turned profitable into sustainable or even regenerative agriculture.

How can I show everyone around and encourage him +empower to inspire others.

I want a landing page to send people to, for a sustainable solution summary and inspirations.

Where farmers see all the amazing ways, to go sustainable and regenerative, farming and permanent agriculture.

The industrial agriculture is aggressive, unsustainable, burning down Rainforest, millions of football fields just for the industrial cows food, then the acres of stock caddle stapling… Where this sad, unhealthy and hormonised antibiotic fed animals get mastet (domesticated like we with our media, that tells us lies, to buy more shit that makes us sick, unaware and (kids) wanting more, like sugar, nestle products etc. depended from their products, with their huge marketing companies and think tanks.

But it’s on you and me, to direct our markets and health into a blossoming inner and outer world my wonderful friends. Each bill is a vote for a good, sustainable sourcing company, or the bad ones that destroy our health, families with cancer, planet with river and ocea- pollution and massive deforestation… We need to and it is already possible.

Docos and amazing movies, that woke me really up and connect us to the problem – responsible consumerism.

The Need to grow,

cowspiracy, food Inc, what the health, food matters,


Quick veggies (frozen, pre sliced

Sprouts, beans cans,