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How to Create Your Personal Manifesto|becoming magnetic With a shared Vision

Turning goals and dreams into reality with clear intentions, visualised with elevated, heart felt emotions. With the power of knowing and feeling what we truly want.

Hey wonder, i am often getting confused and unclear on the next steps and actions towards fulfilling my dreams. Here is what helpes me, to visualise and getting really clear and excited for the next steps and passionated actions for life.

Blueprint for Life – More Visualisation Videos and books at the end, enjoy your wonderful journey!

Amazing inspiration for Life envisioning and Vision sharing, to become magnetic for the right people, circumstances and abundance, to fulfill our mission. Together.

Videos and books like the buddha and the badass, that helped and still give me incredibly wonderful inspiration to create and realy feel into my life Vision. Its including my Purpose, Mission, next actions and what i really love to be and experience in life. (No MATTER OF PLACE, FINANCE, CIRCUMSTANCES)

It will come, when we feel it

A Change of Feeling is a Change of Destiny

Wayne dyer x3

Little intro video from vishen, with the Book, the “buddha and the badass”

Lesson From The Book Buddha And The Badass Chapter-2″ – Vishen lakhiani.

This book is one of the most powerful and Mindblowing books that i have ever read… In so many ways it disrupted, elevated and improved my understanding and life envisioning.

Stuff that really helpes me getting clear on Actions towards my dreams

Here are more videos i just watched, to create my updated manifesto and life Vision.

Lets grow together, sharing our visions and connecting for our self and the collective metamorphosis. Positive change and regenerative action, connections, lifestyle, love and kindness.

Regenerative, magnetic empowerment on, your green Thumb, Benny

Manifest and Visualising the future that we feel most attracted to.

Feeling deeply inside, what we truly love and want in life, not what society, friends, family want from us. And how do i feel, by envisioning the wonderful achieving of my truest, most amazing experiences.

Life envisioning and goal setting – Videos that help me to get into magnetic flow and creation.

5 rare tips for better goalsetting

9 daily habits, to lead an extraordinary life

Mysterious ways our well crafted goals become reality – john, missy butcher

Lifebook – The power of knowing what you want, by organising our life vision.

Thats so incredible and powerful! Crafting a life vision in detail. Every aspect of our life.

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