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How to DIY Natural Pond – Mother Earth News

Tips on how to create a natural filtration system for ponds and pools with plants and rocks for microbes to outcompete algae growth and cleanse the water 🙂 amaIng. Just copy nature, like always. Much love, benjy syntropy and mother earth news!

To create a balanced environment in your DIY pond, plant the ledge with “marginal” water plants that will thrive in the bog-like conditions at the edge, or margin, of a water garden. You want the marginal plants to take in nutrients from pond water, so don’t plant them in soil or pots. Simply set them among the small stones on the ledge, and secure the roots with a larger stone. The plants’ new roots will soon anchor them to the ledge. Good plants for shallow water include arrow arum, pickerel rush, water iris and cattail (see Best Water Garden Plants for Natural Ponds). Don’t introduce the highly invasive yellow flag iris or any other plant that’s a problem in your area.

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