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How To make a Shungite Beehive – Steps, Paint, Hive, Infos

The recipe and best products for making shungite powder paint to improve the wellbeing of our bees.


Saving the bees from collapse and disease. protecting from harmful emfs, cleansing water and garden…

Shungite beehive paint recipe

The mixture for Shungite Paint is (1) tablespoon Shungite Powder to (1) gallon paint.

To avoid clumping with the paint, we suggest, mixing the Shungite Powder into a small amount of water (ensuring the powder clumps are broken apart as much as possible), then adding this powder/water mixture into the paint (eco paint should work best) mixing well

Here i share my research about Shungite BEE Hives and Shungite Paint and also Elite Shungite Nuggets for the Bees to Cleanse and Detox on.

Here I made a Lovely Video of our Bees, Chatting and Caring for each other on The Shungite,

Starting a beehive with Shungite.

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Start your own Shungite Beehive:

It would be best if you could follow every step/process, but that may be difficult in some cases, just try to get as close as possible. You’ll have positive results with as little as just adding Shungite nuggets to an existing beehives entrance.

Step 1 – Get Beehive

– It’s best to start with a new beehive & frames, regardless of the type of beehive you use. There could be spores/mold/AFB/mite eggs/harmful bacteria and much more still lingering around in old/used hives.

– This step isn’t a must, has nothing to do with Shungite usage, but we prefer to mist the inside of all surfaces of our beehives (not frames) with Colloidal Silver before putting them into use. This helps to inhibit AFB, bacteria & other harmful viruses.

Step 2 – Paint Beehive (Shungite Paint)

– Paint the beehive with Shungite paint. You can either make your own or contact: for information on obtaining Shungite powder for use on your beehives. (1-gal. paint mixed with Cosmic Reality S4 Shungite powder & standard Shungite powder (mix – 1 tsp. S4 Shungite powder mixed with 3 tsp. Shungite powder into paint).

– This can be painted right on top of existing paint if needed. The Shungite paint will help form a barrier to the EMF/cell phone frequencies.

– Only paint the exterior of the beehive with the Shungite paint. You can use any exterior paint you prefer with the powder mixture.

Step 3 – Obtain Bees (Queen) & Shungite Nuggets

– If you don’t already have beehives to split from, the next best way is to contact your local organic/treatment-free beekeeper’s association. They can or know someone who will sell you a local nuc to start your hive from. These will usually include 5 frames covered with bees, including a queen bee.

– It’s important to try and start with already “treatment-free” bees if possible, which means they aren’t treated with chemicals in any way, ever.

– As the bees begin to fill out the additional empty frames you place inside the hive along with the frames of comb/brood you got from your nuc, rotate out the 5 frames from the nuc, maybe 1 every couple weeks so you end up with no frames from the nuc you started with. In short order your beehive will only have new frames with new honeycomb on them.

– As your beehive grows only add the new Shungite painted boxes you’ve made, using new frames.

– Place (3) Shungite nuggets at the entrance of the beehive, ensure nuggets are touching each other.

Step 4 – Shungite Powder Usage

– Once the beehive has filled all the frames in the first brood box you placed them in, you have the option of encouraging increased population growth and queen bee cell production.

– We found this to be the case after placing .75 grams of S4 Shungite powder in small trays at the beehives entrance. The trays will usually be emptied within 1 day with the bees walking through it.

By following these steps on our 2017 beehives, we’ve experienced zero CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), no disease and no sickness.

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