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Hydrogen Fuel for Vehicles – True evolution or hoax?

This latest breakthrough in solar hydrogen production makes the likelihood of scalable, economically viable hydrogen production more than likely! Paving the way for humanity to make the switch to clean energy.

I believe and feel for sure, Hydrogen and solar plus cold fusion and other regenerative solutions Skyrocket the next months and years, because everybody knows now, their asses will burn off, if they stick with fossil fuels, coal and unsustainable methods!

Pour yourself a glass of water and take a look at it. This water contains an abundant source of fuel, hydrogen. Hydrogen burns clean unlike petrol-based energy products. Sound too good to be true?

Scientists in Japan successfully split water into hydrogen and oxygen using light and meticulously designed catalysts, and they did so at maximum efficiency meaning there was almost no loss and undesired side reactions.

Hydrogen vehicle

A hydrogen vehicle is a vehicle, such as an automobile or aeroplane, which uses hydrogen as its primary source of power for locomotion.

Hydrogen can be obtained through various thermochemical methods utilizing methane (natural gas), coal (by a process known as coal gasification), liquified petroleum gas, biomass (biomass gasification), or from water by electrolysis or by a process called thermolysis.

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