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5g and EMF protection and evidence – My research with amazing resources

The most amazing free online summit for everyone, who wants to know more about the 5g wireless, emf waves, what to do… From free, investigative humans, who want the best for the health of people and planet.

Don’t miss The 5G Summit from June 1-7, 2020, free and online!  (pictures from the gifts I got soon) I can’t upload anything sadly…

Amazing gifts in Form of ebooks, transcripts and health-ful information

Lots of free ebooks, awesome gifts and protection for health, home and family

Resources – Links

The website – with an overview and amazing gifts, ebooks, emf protection etc.)

Do you like to be healthy and protect family, friends and life on earth? I do, that’s why I love to share that, thousands of people are coming together for health and truth 🙂

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I registrated and got all of this important and helpful stuff already:

– amazing ebooks,

– content, insights, lots of gifts

– Infos about the founder aswell as deeper Infos…

Aloha wonderful folks,

I’m really glad and happy, to share this amazing stuff, I just found for a holistic, alternative and free source about the 5g technologies, emf protection and health. A free online summit with everything important combined, to learn everything about the 5g- wireless era and what everyone should know about the new tech.

Discover the health risks and what we can do to be safe. Share – care – unite – thrive together ?

Don’t miss The 5G Summit from June 1-7, 2020, free and online!  (pictures from the gifts I got soon) I can’t upload anything sadly…

Just check it out, it’s free and made with heart for health and protection from wonderful people. like sayer ji – founder of

I’m so excited for this amazing summit with sayer ji, the founder of – the biggest alternative health platform. I just listened to a podcast with Charles Eisenstein and him, about climate, health, economics and covid…

5G wireless is rapidly expanding on a global level – – without public consent! Despite THOUSANDS of peer-reviewed, independent studies that indicate 5G is harmful to your health. And disregarding millions trying to raise the red flag and stop its deployment. Understand the dangers and learn how to implement better solutions in your community!

5g and electromagnetic (micro_waves) as far as I understand it now.

I don’t want to miss the opportunity of this amazing free Emf-5g online summit for our health and protection. It’s packed full of ebooks, studies, science, mind blowing and eye opening interviews and lots more.

I want to be safe, healthy and help and inform as much people as possible. Share this information and watch it together with friends, family, or online. We are bombarded with electronics, technology and electromagnetic fields-also called “electrosmog”.

My understanding of the new generation “5g-wireless-technologies” and emf harm to life.

Imaging yourself as a being of bio-electrochemical processes, that work with electric energy – frequency and vibration, aswell as we send out our electromagnetic field with all the information, thoughts, action and emotions, etc.

(Without the world’s Schumann Resonanz – 432hz I think no life would be possible in that way.) – learn more about frequencies and electromagnetic processes on “spirit science – frequencies”

Then see yourself in a city (microwave) bombarded with more and more short, high frequent waves, rotating your molecules through cell phone towers, 5g satellites, emitter etc…

-> heating up and spinning the oxygen molecules in our body more

– brings destruction of functions of our bodies, especially the brain and lungs, that’s why people in Wuhan fell down…

I’m happy, I found exactly, what I needed, to get a wholesome picture and evidence over the 5g wireless technologies.

We will discover eye opening conversations about what we can do to be safe and healthy, scientific based evidence and lots more.

Be safe, stay happy, healthy, and positive, your bearded, sustainable inspiration