Arc of real evolution

I’m back Soon – excited for amazing news, wonderful inspiration and online summits for our social and global health – collecting resources connecting the puzzle pieces… and my laptop broke…

Aloha wonderful people,

I’m currently treeplanting and my laptop broke because of a water drop, what lead to motherboard damage. That’s why I’m not really updating anything here.

I hope I find a cheap one and can bring all the amazing and important things soon into action-inspiration 🙂

I recently found amazing studies for the current health situation, but more for the technologies, that harm all life on earth. The new 5g – cell phone and IoT technologies, aswell as wifi and cell towers.

There is an amazing and free, online summit, where we can discover everything about the scientific studies, how to protect,

Why 5g – microwave technology is harmful… And how to protect and heal our home and family easy and affordable.

I also made a lot of progress for amazing future articles, to inform and inspire you all for positive, healthy and sustainable changes.

For our wonderful world and humanity. Our sustainable, collective evolution ???