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How Litter “Organic Material” Regenerates the Soil and Our Earth’s Climate

Mulch the earth with all organics you got, wherever you can! Hi earth fam Benjy green thumb here with a short but urgent message from the earth.

Do you think it is important to leave nature wild for our climate?

My feelings and emphasis on the importance of litter, biomass, logs on the earth, soil to enhance life.

Im always talking about not taking any more sticks, logs, woods from the bush, forest, or any natural area.
We gotta leave biomass, sticks, logs, plant “waste’ on the ground, otherwise we starve the soil and nature.

Nature ~ our earth needs biomass on the ground to compost.

This is the earths very cycle of life and food for the forests

Leaving biomass and litter is playing part in saving our earth

Mulching the rainforest at the sanctuary retreat, giving back

Leave it wild feed the earth, not your fire.

Benjy green thumb

Otherwise we starv nature.

Thanks Anji Young  loove, for linking me

I was going to search examples. You’ve done it 

It is organic biomass,
Food for the soil.
Digested by living organisms in the soil that keep the earth alive and buzzing 😀

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