About My journey – Benjo’s Adventures, learnings, growing and more … who is writing here

All this comes deep rooted From the heart and beats for this wonderful world. Inspired my mother nature, motivated by reunion with her and all life earth…

Namaste, in regenerative Love,


Here i want to give you insights into my last years on my evolutionary journey of growth, nature adventures, reconnection great learnings in organic and regenerative farming.

  • Amazing places, lovely humans becoming friends
  • Unforgettable moments and epiphanies

Also heaps from my challenging Tree-Planting, Travels, nature and self Evolution through the most amazing books, documentaries and Video inspiration.Enjoy wonder, the most important things for me in life:

  • to grow with the flow of the moment
  • becoming and connecting with our true nature,
  • Following our hearts desire and real passion, aligning with mother natures harmony
  • Back to nature, in resonance with life and universe
  • Discovering our mission and purpose here on earth, in this wonderful bodies, vehicles for transformation of soul…

Or just simply being, without being pollution.

Thats a recording from a amazing podcast i needed to share:

the human experience with the amazingly transforming vishen Lakhiani from mindvalley.com