My Regenerative Resumee – Green Thumbs Experiences To be Positive Change

A few insights into my last projects and the regenerative and syntropic Farming i’m doing at the moment. I see it as a “Digital Resume Journey” and i like the idea of a authentic story, instead of words on a paper 🙂

My Regenerative Journey – Evolved from a industrial mechanic in need of positive Change, to this Green Thumbed, Bearded Regeneratling.

Simply syntropic evolution ~ Digging, copying nature and Ohter projects

Syntropic Food Forests and Permaculture Management in Lightning Ridge

  1. Setting up Garden Beds, Food Forests and Permaculture Spirals
  2. Planting Water
  3. Maintaining in Succession with permanent Syntropic Principles
  4. Creating Mounts in Syntropic principles and a “River of life” with gravel Tailings from the washed Opals – the dirt how the miners call it:)
  5. Propagation, Observation, Soil improvement
  6. DIY Weed Juice, Compost fertiliser + Worms
  7. Applying my garden hacks and lots of Love (Charcoal, Woodchips, Compost, Coffee grounds,
  8. Natural insect and Bug repellent

I see all this as a big Solution and part of positive change in many ways. Weare inspiring and motivating others, by being the Role Regeneration Models

Planting water – regeneration with pioneer plants

Lets unite and take regenerative action as one earth family!