Videos About Inspiring Food Forests and How to Start Your Permaculture Paradise

These short films about some wonderful and inspiring food forests and permaculture gardens are just getting me so excited to get into the soil and on the land to help, grow abundance and regenerate!

So beautiful also how he shares his learnings and “ridiculous Optimism” as he framed it about our future and how we can Regain our proper balance in the world and all forests on our wonderful planet.

This is all Syntropy, evolutionary symbiosis and Diversity as key to health, resilient thriving and abundance for all. Community empowerment, healing, wealth creation through community hubs and circular systems… much love, Benjy

1. The Magical 28-Year-old permaculture food forest filmed by happen films with these wonderful beings!

film about the magical 28 year old food forest <3

Everything we plant into the world, as well as his forest gardens are spreading impactful ripple effects, unseen and seen…

Benjy, your green thumb

Our opportunities are to be forest gardeners and ecosystem supporters and guardians for This phenomenal Earth that grows us and all that circulates around and through us.

Were always planting seeds with every project and positive thing we do!

All we say, do, share creates ripple effects <3

So lets share what helps us to heal, evolve, grow and create. with freakin freedom of universal childlike awesomeness and love!

benjy! 🙂

2. Morag Gamble on How to start a Food Forest in One Year!

Yeah its possible with the knowledge, love and tools we got today! Lets rock!

So many incredible Permaculture Food forests and Syntropic gardens !

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