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About Empowering Inspiration To Grow Together, Regenerate, Heal, Take Action and Unite

This site is about Game~Changing inspiration for You, towards the more beautiful World, that our hearts know, is Possible! <3 Igniting the amazing change~makers in us!
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~ Aloha Earth Family and welcome to our Platform for empowering Projects, Networks and uplifting News to keep us in the Energy of faith, positive action, Love and Unity Conciousness!

The Earth Dude ~ Short story

I am Benjy, born and once Conditioned to function in a corporatised society as Benjamin Sauber in Germany, Working in industries, until I needed to leave, to find my self, find my gifts and purpose in this lifetime. Now all that feels like another life a dream. (So Grateful) ~ The last 6 Years of My Syntropic, Regenerative Evolution I’ve learned so much about solutions, Health, Regeneration, The worlds most beautiful Projects and how we all can find purpose, meaningful connection and excitement and joy in every day! 
I always share and love inspiring and empowering people ~ as you guessed by now 🙂

Lets turn the titanic and talk Solutionary!

 A place Where Yous find Hope and daily inspiration with positive News, collective change, and actionable solutions.
THE ~ online hub for positive change and regenerative evolution x3 STANDING UP Together!

VLOG 2 ~ Empowering positve Change ~ Pro life and Pro Planet

~ The Why ~ A little of What i am about
~ Just my imperfect perfect self, on the 27th of feb. 2022
Enjoy, you are amazing!
Explaining a bit the Ecotopia ~ “Online Hub for Positive change and Pro life Activism” ~ about Pro Future Lifestyle, ~ Pro planet business,
  • ~ Solutions we all can do ~ easy simple actions
  • speaking out, standing up for what matters for our future and Nature
  • What we can and must do if we love our Life and A future on earth x3
  • syntropy for positive change
  • Actionable Solutions filmed
  • from me, Benny, in Bowen, Growing together – sharing – caring – unting – evolving
  • LOVE everything for a real, sustainable, collective evolution innovations, solutions, Tools, Websites, Networks – Instruments for positive change

Positive change is possible and happening already massively. Through all of us!
This is the Library and Ecotopia Hub for Positive regenerative Action!
Discover the greatest people, Platforms and and what excites and drives me most in live.
Youtube Channel In Progress ~ The Pro Life ~ VLOG 
  • inspiring Videos about actionable solutions in every days life,
  • Syntropic Systems, Syntopy, Regeneration
  • Health, healing, holistic Living
  • Purpose, meaning, wisdom, Love
  • Pro Planet Business ~ how we ignite change in industries…
  • health and Human evolution…
  • Its Time For Greatness my fellow earthlings! <3
What do you think humanity needs most to heal, evolve and regenerate the damage?
I guess its Connecting to real meaning in daily life, passion and our true nature – Mother earth. Do you like amazingly helpful, inspiring, good and constructive News? Positive and Uplifting things, that empower your day constructively, not leaving you lost, hopeless and depressed?

This is why i started this library and hub for positive change, the worlds most inspiring stuff, Solutions and networks for a future and Regenerative Living in action.


My kinda Elevator pitch:

A library, blog and inspiration platform with the world’s most healsome, transformative and empowering resources and tools for positive, global change ~

How can we inspire positive change, igniting and being the positive change and Be the solution we want to see? I am asking since ~5 YEARS and got incredible answers. This is all about Solutions, Positive change inside and “outside” (one) ~ wonderful insights from my regenerative journey and Learnings with amazing people, events, and courses x3

~ What regenerative Living means to me

~ Syntropy ~ Standing up for life, diversity, abundance and Future x3

VLOG ~ Pro Life ~ “Ecotopia” ~ Empowering Inspiration ~ Solutions in action ~ what can I do ~ simple Answers ~ Regenerative living ~ Unity for Future ~ Interbeing ~ evolution of Humanity ~ Stories and commUnities of interbeing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

> Knowing what to do and where to find solutions and Projects for a cause – Online and offline!
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The solution to collective overwhelm, despair and not knowing what to do! 

Here you’ll find out if you love The life enriching stuff that changed my life and millions of others. I know from my journeys from asia to australia, that a lot of us are Lost, giving up, not knowing about all the game changer -solutions and actions we can and need to take, if we want to see a better world, humanity and future.

Positive networks

– This Resources Changed and Enriching Thousands of lifes! For me it switched and expandet my mind! ~ Community started By Patsy and charles eisenstein – Fro Co-creating a new story of interbeing and relating… Com-Unities for Life and future

  • ~ Brave new life community ~ eye opening conversations ~ syntropic relating ~ Holistic, Pro Life community creating and belonging with purpose and meaning <3 Looking at all aspects of our world from a syntropic (regenerative/evolutionary/abundant) Lense <3

~ Earth heroes Tv ~

~ Mindvalley ~ Worlds Greatest Platform for Human Transformation – Health and mind blowing courses, masterclasses, community, Meditation ~ Podcast ~ Youtube 

~ Waterbear ~~> Free Streaming Platform for Movies for positive change, connection to people and taking action for Heart Breaking and warming causes!

~ Films for action ~~ as it says <3 ~ My Favorite and most motivating and eye opening Platform to get inspired, eyes wide opened and Empowered for action for our Future and planet ~



What do you think, humanity needs the most?

More catvideos, old banks investing in nuklear, weapon and deforestation?

Or more plastic rivers, throw away “fashion”? I think not…

A few of the game changer you might heard about:

  • Sustainable banks, green energy – super powerful!
  • AI, holistic- regenerative farming,
  • plant based organic food – supporting a regenerative agriculture
  • Hemp – fiber, medicine, concrete etc.
  • Real -Renewables, microgrids, and incredible Docos and Books
  • and so much more!

The Library for positive change

– platform with
– biggest solutions, real health, human enhancement
– biggest regenerative innovations and all that brings humanity forward and back to nature

Find all the instruments for your individual evolution and positive change, aswell as incredible solutions and innovations for our world in one library!

Morning Routine ~ always evolving ~ and Daily Keys for me

Check out powerful morning inspiration and my motivating routine.

For happiness, health and sustainable success.

  • The most profound websites, positive change inspiration
  • Pro planet Living – solutions
  • Industrial solutions – bioplastics – regenerative business
  • Health, healing – holistic living
  • Personal development, success, wellbeing and PEACE
  • Networks, solution libraries and
  • The most amazing projects
  • worldwide.
  • Financial, decentralized alternatives
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain, digitalisation of asset

Always up to date with

Regenerative, heart warming solutions and innovations for a blossoming future…

Just everything, that helps us and humanity, to reconnect,
Bringing us forward and more together again.

Ubuntu – my wellbeing is yours.
Connect – share – growing – uniting – evolving together

Sharing Everything humanity and our planet needs – Meaning – hope – Unity

Amazing, gigantic movements for positive change!

Our beds are burning, but humanity is coming together more than ever, and we got all the solutions and tools we need, to turn the titanic!

Permaculture, syntropic farming, regenerative agriculture, holistic thinking!
Real human connection!

#2 Introduction to our Empowering Library for positive change.

We Humans often need bad things to happen first, that we realise and connect to the problem!

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Lets connect and get The most Life Changing Stuff, to transform your self beyond all you knew!

A quick intro to the arc of Solutions, Your Platform and Library, for our collective, sustainable evolution.

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My Purpose and Vision:

Inspiration, motivation, connection for positive change ♥

I´m endless grateful for the wonderful time we live in!

People need to see the positive change in the world and get motivated!

All the things what are blowing my mind every day!

Learning – growing together – re-engineering the systems.

–> Into a sustainable, regenerative economy –> eco- Logic!

We’ve got the tools! We know whats wrong –> Let´s connect for our planet!

We are the collective Solution! – You are part of that!

No more pollution and destruction

It´s on you and me to choose the Eco and Logic pathway!

We know what to do!

  • To find all the sustainable solutions, networks, and instruments for our evolution on one place!
  • To spread love – inspire others – motivate to be the solution

No more pollution! No more destrucition

No more EGO

Humans are awesome! You are awesome!

Together on the pathway into a wonderful collective SUSTAINABLE EVOLUTION!

Into A new paradigm!

Where i actually work from – Ty´s beautiful place in the Brisbane suburb – shailerpark

  • Creating regeneration projects, doing healthy, sustainable garden care and connecting to wonderful people

Main Overview:

The Arc of evolution

  • Collection of all the amazing movements, websties, channels!
  • Archive of life enriching, game changing stuff <3
  • large scale regeneration, technologies, biggest solutions!
  1. My favorites – selection

For positive change – personal evolution – sustainable, collective change

What´s in

    • Life enriching Tools, Apps, Channels, Websites
    • Playlists – Channels – Docos
    • networks for positive change
    • favorite, videos, docos, Books etc.
    • Endless signs and instruments of HOPE

My personal routine

  • Motivation, Innovations, health, networks, Development
  • health hacks, happiness inspiration and motivation
  • Links to all the articles, websites, etc.

–> like a Archive!

  • My personal articles and reviews
  • –> Everything what helped me and millions others–> To be real, happy, healthy and evolve together!

Tremendously inspiring and motivating stuff!


My Passion and life Purpose

The library of solutions and arc of positive change
I always loved to share what i learned.
Always showed the world and my friends amazing innovations and positive changes!
Movements and wonderful solutions –> We are not fucked!

Ubuntu – my wellbeing is your (african wisdom)

We know whats wrong and we got the tools
Let´s use this amazing things, to turn the titanic!
I did recently some “positive change” – workshops at a yoga retreat – with amazing response!

Sharing – caring – uniting – thriving
To grow together – collectively ♥

Get motivated
We are using now our knowledge, internet and connections!
–> For a blossoming and regenerating Home!

Ecology marries economy

Sustainable, green solutions for a global harmonic thrive!

Eco-Logic instead of Ego
It is just so logical and easy, or?

What´s Evolution for me:

To learn from mistakes, improve systems and using the tools we have!

Globally connected humanity – eco not ego <3
Imperfectly, daily tiny changes – That´s how we change ourselves.
That´s how we save the world!

Keep Smiling, Spread the Good ripples and together we will create a harmonious and healthy tomorrow!