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Empowering Morning Routine – Happiness, success, persistance, health

Aloha wonder!

How did you wake up this morning? Thankful, grumpy, happy? 

Are you struggling in the morning to get fit and motivated?!

Ubuntu – My wellbeing is yours ♡

I am creating – You can grow – give – evolve! Be unique – Be you! 

The Bearded Happiness – Routine (Short Points)

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Quick insight – Keys to my happiness and a healthy, meaningful life!


  1. Deep breath – Attitude of gratitude – Thankful for this wonder
  2. 250ml Water – Flush out the first zip (Toxins, bacteria…)
  3. Turn on positive affirmations – Mantras – positive sound
  4. Restorative Stretch – activation – 5 Min. Yoga tools – Apps
  5. Brainpower – Health hacks – superfoods – breathing etc.
  6. Personal development – Tools, amazing videos, websites etc.
  7. Meditation – Yoga – Spirituality – Tools, apps, websites, Channels
  8. Focus – Productivity – Projectmanagement – 

Starting our day right – with A attitude of appreciation.


My gift for you today:

I want to share with you all i learned the last years, to start my day healthy, happy and motivated!

All the Key learnings, health hacks and instruments, packed in a positive, uplifting routine!

See, how easy and important a positive morning routine is, for a good life!

More success in all parts of life, because we´re more motivated, happy, focused and calm!

It´s so wonderful, when we share our most enriching learnings, tools and methods and see, what´s working out best for us.

  • Keep up to date with my favorite personal development tools and sources of invaluable key knowledge from bestselling books!
  • Regarding yoga, meditation & building a meaningful & successful life.

With some great additional extras and motivational videos ♥


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You would like to create a powerful, more motivated and happy you?

Let´s first take a deep breath together…

Nurturing, cleansing, calming and bringing clarity in our mind.

Aaaaaahmmmm… 🙂 Wonderful!



How i start into a powerful, motivated day?

I always start with gratitude and a deep breath, thankful that i´m alive and creator of a wonderful life!

For sure, i sometimes forget, or i can´t do exersizes, affirmations etc., we are all imperfectly wonderful!

Especially while working on my website i forgot sometimes about things, because im so passionated, to share that with you <3 

Never put pressure on your self, everything is fine, just learn and fall forward!

Are you ready for the next level, easy and powerful morning routine?!

To start your day right, with an incredible mood boost and happiness!

Follow me from my first deep breath in the morning & experience how i activate my body, both energetically & physically!


But hey,

no worries, i start it easy and relaxed in my bed, step by step!

Rebooting slowly, warming up and activating all the senses 🙂

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How to find freedom of the mind, live the most amazing adventure and…

Create a meaningful life in sustainable harmony!

Within ourselves, our environment and our true nature – mother nature.

Reconnect – Grow – Unite – Love – Evolve


The bearded, daily happiness routine for real success and health!

To make your life better, easier, healthier, to a more meaningful adventure!

Success is a journey not a destination – happiness in the way <3 

MORNING MOTIVATION – Start Your Day The Right Way


That´s how i start every wonderful morning for a happy, powerful day.

Focusing the good things, and creating mindfully positive thoughts!

I want to share that with you today, because i know now, how important these little things are, for a wonderful, happy and focused day!

And i refined that over the last years, into a amazing morning energy-routine. 


The first 10 minutes in the morning:

  • Attitude of appreciation
  • Gratefulness creates wellbeing!
  • I Choose to feel great and see the things to be thankful!

Abraham hicks – Powerful morning motivationWhat is a Affirmation?

New program –> #evolution #selfevolution

  • Releasing limitations – reprogramming our mind 
  • Tools and instruments for a life of abundance!
  • Being thankful – attracting positive people
  • Focusing the good things – creating success – attracting more goods!
  • Being passionated – setting goals, love the challenge…

MORNING MOTIVATION Video – Make Things Happen



What´s your power morning routine, to start happy, healthy and positive?


Every day is meant to be a good day – learning, growing, smiling, loving!

We are meant to be happy and living our purpose with passion!


Sadness comes from less attention in the little things in life 

–>  Create happiness with awareness in the little miracles in your day!

Breathing new energy – Prana in, releasing and leaving everything destructive.

1. Wake up with a deep breath of new energy in!

  • smile with gratefulness to be alive!

It´s Another wonderful day in paradise! We are so lucky!

  • I am thankful for my body, my health, wealth, water, friends, home!

Positive input with amazing output as result!

–> I´m turning on:

  • downloaded Affirmations, motivation or nice mantra music.
  • Affirmative statements – to create abundance for future moments

The most amazing video, to create a positive, happy, successfull life!


Starting with a empowering program and deweeding from destructive things!

Abraham hicks – Powerful morning motivationWhat is a Affirmation?

2. What´s an affirmation and why i am doing it:

Everything we say, think and do is an affirmation!

Attracting abundance and MIRACLES ???

  • Deweeding and reprogramming our Mind, thoughts and believes.
  • Creating positive, sustainable mindset, to attract good things and success.

Like a firewall-positivity-bubble against negative things, criticism and destructive people 🙂

  • Phone on flightmode – it´s distracting + negative frequencies

~250ml water -> bottle next to my bed

2. Deep revitalising flush of water – cleansing, uplifting the Brain-cells!

(with my Filterbottle with shungites and crystals (Filtering out chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride etc.

  • Brain and body is nearly 98% Water – and cellwater
  • Energizing and harmonizing the water -molecules 
  • Article –> Explore the importance of Water, purification and why it´s important for our body to get good, harmonised water!
  • reconnecting the conscious link towards what goes into our bodies, including

I combine my stretch with positive affirmations, nice mantras or isochronic/binaural frequencies – meditation sounds…

3. Restorative Morning stretch in my Bed

+ Affirmation-Soundhealing -activation

  • Bed STRETCH – KNEE – LEGS –  (5-10min)
  • 5 min. – Neck, arm-shoulder and leg activation (sadguruh tools)

  • Activating joints, preparing and energizing for the day!
  • Mindful, deep breathing intensifies the stretch!
  • With, motivating affirmations

–> Always Breathe Deep Yogic – breath (ujahi , vitalising, keeps you in moment 


Easy, slow Exercise Playlists, Apps and Videos

Morning Workout

Playlists – Links  :

  • Isochronic tones – Binaural waves 
  • Affirmations – Motivation – Positive life!
  • Morning motivation music 

Knee exercises – https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

  • Sadguruh – 5 min yoga tools – isha Kriya.com 
  • Morning yoga – Morning flexibility
  • Restorative yin yoga – playlists
  • yinyoga.com – wonderful explanations – courses etc.
Benefits of stretching with Mantras, binaural sound heal:
  • Isochronic tones –> for the best brainpower and motivation
  • DNA Regeneration – Scientific proven
  • Physically and mentally, positive uplift
  • full of power and activated nerval system
  • healthy joints, brain & system

    + harmonising, creating abundance and miracles ♥

Health hacks – superfoods – brain tonics – natural booster!
  1. Brain and Cell refresh – Anti- Hangover and cell repair
  2. Water – Tee – green – ginseng – matcha
  3. Turmeric – pepper – ginger – MCT Oil – cardamom
  4. Smoothies – amazing boosting superfood mixes – Websites to buy
  5. Mushrooms – Lions mane – reishi – Jaga 
  6. Baking – Bicarb Soda – diatomaceous earth 
The most helpful and amazing tools in my life!
Personal development – Productivity – Projectmanagement

Full Article about – My favorite tools – apps – videos – affirmations

  • Endless tools and Innovative instruments we can use ??

–> Which contributes to our collective evolution!

Personal development – collection:
  1. Storyshots, Blinkist – Key wisdom from bestseller books packed in short summaries –  listen or read – full books or key knowledge.

2. ZLibrary –> Free ebook library

Audible for great audiobooks – Listen always bevore bed – Incredible growth!

  • Personal developing means learning new things every day – improving our skills and knowledge. Getting new ideas 
  • how i do my Website – Blog – My Tools 

Mindfulness – Meditation

I also have many tools and instruments available at the palm of your hand, to stay mindful & conscious.


In the flow, to stay focused upon your path in our ever changing and busy world.


Change is the only constant – find happiness in the way

–> The obstacle is the way – stoic wisdom <3