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Intro and Ecosia From LA to London: “why we’re planting urban trees”

Hey earth fam,
Thanks for all you do.

Lets unite and create sanctuaries of evolution.

We are planning and taking the first steps into our ecotopia in australia,
A sacred earth sanctuary for solutions and regenerative living and empowerment in action..

Gatherings, workshops about how to live self sufficiently abundant and sustainably evolving.

Natural building, education, health, regeneration projects.

Empowering and uniting with life for earth and beyond.

Inspiring politics and companies for a pro earth mindset and sustainable~regenerative ~ evolutionary strategies.

I would luv to chat, where you guys are at the moment.

I would love to partner and distribute the healing and emf protection.

My instagram inspirit_evolution
Benny sauber on facebook.

Evolution on!

On 28.07.2022 01:56, Daniel & Rob wrote:

WELCOME TO THE evolution library

if you’re interested in helping to create a better earth
whether it be some way we can have synergy in between us. Maybe you
have ideas, or land for an off-grid community or money to put towards
our events that will bring attention to our efforts and cause. This is
our this is our time to create whatever we want!

Click here to join the discord [1]
Interested in chatting click here! [2] facebook Benny sauber

Looking forward to seeing you in the New Earth!

To Your Success,

Benjy and sacred earth


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