Jabs dont reduce transmissions, vaccines irrellevant and govts knew about it?

This thread is copied from a channel, about the jabs are not reducing transmissions, did the governments knew about it? And more important stuff to see. Please share to open eyes. Please Question, ask critically and dont follow what mainstream sheeple do 🙂

Thrive Together: CheckMate shoots itself in the foot when ‘debunking’ the ‘revelation’ that, because Pfizer did not claim its jab reduced TRANSMISSION, there was not basis for vaccine passports & mandates.

Finally it is out in the open for mainstream sheeple to hear from the horse’s mouth – Govt’s around the world knew all along that Covid vaccines did not reduce transmission, they just reduced the severity of illness.

Bottom line
– there was zero basis for the punitive witch hunt against those who chose not to get vaccinated.


Thrive Together:
“And still many workplaces, and even entire industries, are mandating vaccination”

Another message

And dont trust media either

The Real Anthony Fauci

Yes the policies enforced do not match up with the effectiveness of the vaccines.

The workspace hysteria isn’t warrranted and purely fueled by fear thanks to the media.

[●●: I watched the real Anthony Fauci doco last night and it shows the massive conflict of interests all round. Worth checking out

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