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Life enriching, most important Questions everyone should ask themselves – and how to become a “Buddha-badass”

What’s your Big Why in life?

What is really interesting me and what do i do bevore bed and in my breaks

  • What do i love?! My hobbies, values, Interests ! <3

Do you have “Big 5 for live” or a ever asked yourself for your reason of existence. I will share here first and foremost the most recent book and tools I discovered and then other things that unfolded my personal metamorphosis…

1. Becoming a buddha-Badass” by starting asking yourself the three most important questions in life.

Life changing Buddha-badass tools for personal transformation. Packed with wisdom and Life enriching quick exercises that unfold our highest potentials and the true soul purpose, that we’re here for.

Directly the links to the life changing exercise and questions.

Aloha wonderful beings,

discover in this article, how your life becomes the Buddha-badass superversion, what that really is and why it sounded first a bit harsh for me…

The book Buddha and the badass

The Podcasts:

– Mindvalley Podcast

– super humans at work

Like, “becoming” unfuckwithable”

Life enriching tools for real, own success, happiness, self love and confidence…

– The tree most important questions – MiQ (in Life) to be truly happy, successful, by having a vision and intrinsic goals for life.

This and sooo much unbelievably, sustainably life changing stuff is what I’m getting from Vishens new and mind blowing book (the Mindvalley CEO)

I’m listening to the life changing book, “the Buddha and the badass”, where im getting these remarkable tools and exercises, that I highly recommend for everyone, who wants to live a happy, fulfilling and meaningful life with real success and the most wonderful adventures, lovely and amazing people and abundance!

The time I realise the importance, of asking my self these or similar questions, changed my life ultimately in miraculous ways!

Other spark igniting books and resources:

I got my first life changing, eye and heart – opening inspiration with the books from:

  • John Strelecky – “the why Cafe”
  • + the big 5 for life,
  • + reunion in the why Cafe 2
  • Paolo coehlo – The alchemist (started with my travels – changed my view and life totally)
  • the four agreements – Jon Miguel ruiz

How To Radically Change Your Life?

Do this every day!

Amazing speech by Vishen Lakhiani .

Copied from the awesome Youtube channel beinspired ►Special thanks to Tom Bilyeu for providing these amazing interviews:… ► If you struggle and have a hard time, consider taking an online therapy session with our partner BetterHelp. ►Motivational Alarm Tones

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