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Life Enriching Free Book Summaries – Storyshots For My Daily Development

Aloha Friends,
This is one true lifechanger,
Learnin minutes the keys from life enriching books! 🌎🌈🙏☀️
Read, listen or watch… for free or premium.

Get Storyshots for free grow towards your highest And Best Version!

Any more questions? 🙂

Education for a better self and world.

I have at least 20 minutes for one summary a week.
Better a day,
(you become what you choose to be – learn, think, feel)
So dont get just rubbish in ya selves!

Much love, empowerment on.

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And new people,
Join us on #storyshots to grow together into a blossoming future and self 🙏☀️

Featured in many big companies as one of the best learning + development platforms
(get key knowledge from bestselling books)

like think and grow rich, robin sharma, eckhart tolle, sadhguru and so many more)

Free book summaries and full audiobooks



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