Arc of real evolution

Life vision – guided meditations – 10 Minute Manifestation Meditation (Powerful Visualisation)”

Sadhguru 10min manifestation

Michael beckwith – mindvalley envisionimg meditation (brief version)

Beckwithmotivation to purpose

45 seconds technique

Super hack to manifest quick

Your ideal life law of attraction

Abraham – manifest in 15 or 20 min

Envision your future – higher self meditation

The greatest secret meditation 40min

Came to me in meditation,

“allowing what is, accepting what was and not attaching our NOW – SELF to it – letring go of everything good, odd, bad, thats all constructs… And we dont have to do, be or feel any way… – SIMPLY WELCOMING ALL FEELINGS OF resistance and discomfort… It all just is – nothing good or bad nothing to judge – because we are the awareness + creation + creator – whenever we feel judged, wrong or SEEING IT IN OTHERS AND REACT TO IT… It is mind, ego, +constructs or shadows – when we view them (together) wirh awareness, non reactive. and allowing them, non-judgemental and non attached or identified (ITS NOT YOU – this is ONLY THE wonderful VEHICLE OF Y-OURS, to drive or flow through, interactive) you can be happy all time, pain is ok, suffering from it is our choice… Is all just is how it is ☀️☀️

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