Lions mane brane benefits - brain enhancement, memory, focus, Dementia and altsheimer prevention
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Lions Mane the fantastic brain enhancing mushroom

This incredible life Enriching Superfood, called Lions Mane mushroom, is Elevating my Motivation, creativity, focus and clarity for the next steps in my life! Get a bit of science and benefits and at the end my favourite and most amazing Products and coffee alternatives and superfoods!

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The number one, proven superfood For brain Health, cell regeneration and Ultra Performance. It gives us more remarkable benefits:

Studies reveal, regrowth of brain nervecells and increase of memory and clarity for altsheimers patients.

  • Motivation – mood enhancement
  • Memory, Creativity, focus!
  • Clarity for personal and business success
  • Happiness and overall wellbeing (the brain is the Platform for your life)
  • Regrowth of cells – OLDER PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE IT
  • Preventing altsheimer – dementia diseases

Lion’s Mane is a mushroom with neuroprotective and nootropic effects. Lion’s Mane can improve memory and reasoning.

Scientific Name:
Hericium erinaceus


  • Increases NGF levels in the brain – enhanced neuronal growth, regeneration and synaptic plasticity[1]
  • Improves myelination – enhanced neuronal communication and nerve regeneration[2]
  • Increases long-term synaptic potentiation – improved memory[3,4]
  • Decreases glutamatergic transmission – decreased neuronal excitability and excitotoxicity[3,4]
  • Protects neurons from endoplasmic reticulum stress[3,4]
  • Anxiolytic[5]
  • Anti-inflammatory effects[6]

More Info:

This is where Lion’s Mane comes in. It contains two very special compounds, hericenones and erinacines, which have been found to support cognitive function dramatically!

Lions Mane has also been linked to the relief of mild symptoms of depression and anxiety.

(More deeper science in the articles on the bottom)

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Articles + stores:

As we age, the brain’s ability to form new connections generally declines. This is why cognitive function tends to deteriorate in old age.

It can even help with Alzheimers Disease, a degenerative brain disease that causes memory loss and confusion.

Current research includes studies of older adults with mild cognitive issues. They consumed 3g of powdered Lion’s Mane daily for four months. Participants reported a significant improvement in mental functioning. More research is ongoing.

Lions mane may speed the recovery from nervous system injuries up to 23-41%. Also linked to a reduction in the severity of brain damage after a stroke.

Some studies have linked lions mane to the protection against ulcers in the digestive tract  More research is being carried out.

One study in people with ulcerative colitis found that taking a mushroom supplement containing a 14% Lion’s Mane extract significantly reduced symptoms and improved overall quality of life after 3 weeks.

Lion’s Mane contains a compound called Hericenone B, which can decrease the rate of blood clotting and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Studies have found that Lion’s Mane may even help fight cancer, thanks to several of its unique compounds.

Lion’s Mane contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that help reduce the impact of chronic illness.  A strong immune system protects the body from bacteria, viruses and other disease causing pathogens.  

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