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Little wisdom-Everything we do has an effect of our mind, now and future

Pressuresness and the effect of all actions on our mind, environment, impact on the future.

Realising death is kinda real, but also not. Its a transition, we’re leaving the human vehicle, back to source.

Imaging youre a drop in a wave, thats the human experience. Then were coming back to the vast ocean of creation… Love… Because thats ultimately what we are!

We are individualisations of creation, as a beautiful part of the universal evolution – The Divine source

Bevore 2 years i couldn’t grasp an of this spiritual, divine writings or teachings. Not i deeply feel and “understand” it. The emptiness and wholeness. The cup and the water.

How do i want to play and act in the rest of my own journey, my musical and unique art?! I want to be and create the orchestra in my best possible version, non attached, open to everything, expecting nothing. Having faith in the metamorphosis and that life and universe is me, supportive and guiding.

Everything we experience now, is a product of our actions and conscious or unconscious thoughts, emotions and reactions.

If we develop kindness amd awareness in every moment, the impact on our people, relationships and the greater whole.

If we realise, that every step is a impactful drop into the whole river of life.

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