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Easy little actions for powerful regenerative Ripple effects –

Your voice in everything you do…

Every little action is a contribution and voice for our planet
Ecotravel or regenerative lifestyle is easy.

Like everything, if we just not force and overthink.
I for example learn and am open for all opinions and suggestions,
But not needing to follow anybody or any “trends” or religions, like some vegans do…

Do what is best for you, its automatically best for the planet


Just connect and support eco/regenerative/organic – companies.

> they care for you,
> always wonderful, friendly, humble, LIFE LOVING PEOPLE
> just pick the bio/organic coffee, cacao, chocolate
@treehuggertravel_official ___
> book your travels over ecotravel sites.
Carbon negative companies
= planet positive

Easy or?

Much love, the green thumbed dude.

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