Arc of real evolution

Mindvalley podcast – Keys for a stressfree life…

How to live stressfree, Surrendering but striving and visualising bold at the same time.

Amazing podcast series, about realising, that we are not the thoughts and reactions, we are the awareness behind.

Everything that happens in life, all challenges and obstacles are pathsigns and lessons, to guide us towards our souls purpose and real fulfillment…

amazing insights, to keep in mind:

for a real, Stressfree life and being master and awareness

Watcher and actor, creator and creation ??

Drop and wave and ocean, not separate but individual expression of lifes creation

  • awareness of it
  • becoming and realising that i am we are the watcher, the awareness of all that

Beautiful quotes for it:

  • If you worry you make it double


You cant always get what you want, but you always get what you need

-> if we deeply think and feel into that, we understand the alchemy of life more…

We are the drops in the waves – of the ocean…

Always coming back to the ocean –

  • evaporating, waving out – Travelling…

But always part of the whole, the source,
The vast ocean ??️?☯️?

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