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Movies about Localisation All over the world ~ The antidote to Suicidal Globalisation

Why localisation is important and can save us ~》 “The many crises we face share a common root cause: the global economic system of more growth for cooperations, to the cost of people and planets future!
For more than 40 years, Local Futures has raised awareness about the power of going local to restore as much as possible, ecological, social and spiritual wellbeing.”

Hey earth fam, im benjy and this is the empowering movie collection for “the economics of happiness” it is the simple antidote to our suicide globalisation, that can not continue the way it is.

JOIN AND LEARN AT (action steps, networking, tools and videos)

Can we feed the world with Organic regenerative small scale local farming?

Yess! Yess, yess, 70% of all food is produced by highly efficient small scale farms. Monoculture industries are deadly!

Monoculture industrial pharms are anti life and mostly are for animal feeding…

The solutions are on our plates and commUnity!

See examples of empowering Unity Hubs and communities who show with brilliance and love how we can all do it!

Together we grow movie

Start your local community hub ~ The toolkit and action plans

And on films for action

The Platform for positive change

Movie “in Our hands” on waterbear network “The first video-on-demand platform dedicated to the planet.”

Planet local

And on films for action

Platform for positive change

Economics of happiness

Ecological conciousness

Learn more about localisation and regenerative circular economics!

Learn about the devastating problems of globalisation where produce gets exported and imported again just to fuel economy and kill oceans, health of people and local businesses…

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