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Making Compost Tea – Liquid Fertiliser and black Gold for Free!

Aloha healthy gardeners, earthlings and regeneratlings! Here my hacks and research for simple Self-made Liquid fertiliser and amazing composting hacks for everyone! Let’s turn garden weeds and “waste” into a liquid, natural fertiliser for free! Let’s call it “Weed Tea” because it is!. Learn the simplest method of making your own organic liquid fertiliser for FREE and my hacks for supergrowth at the end!

  • At the end some more amazing compost alternatives and Black gold.
  • Last – Video on – How to identify and treat nutrient defficiencies.

Why? – Boost plant growth, Soil health and Nearly double in some cases the Yield and health!

Weeds and Garden greens are full of nutrients and beneficial Minerals, they suck out of the ground and photosynthesise, like minerals, phosphate, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen… So why not use The weeds and kitchen waste, to make something that your plants will love?!

★Quick Steps for Free Liquid fertiliser – just from nature!★

(See the videos below for more details)

  1. Get a Bucket or Barrel (depends on how big your garden is
  2. Collecting Rain water or normal (not chlorinated water)

–> Let the water stay in the sun – to “detox” it and make it “soft”

1.1 – Pick your weeds from the garden

  • also get Kitchen scraps in (Banana Skin, non citrus waste)
  • and a bit of Charcoal!

3. Place the weeds in the bucket with water and fill it up, making sure all the weeds are covered under water.

4.1 – Place something on top of the weeds to push them down!

4. Cover it with fabric –> it needs to breathe, but not letting animals in!

4. Stir once a week for around 4 weeks

5. Most of the nutrients have now left the weeds themselves and have entered into the water

How to use the Liquid fertiliser:

6. Dilute your Weed Tea to about a 10:1 ratio as it is quite strong. ​

Finish is your very own organic “Weed Tea” liquid fertiliser that you made from your garden for FREE

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  • RECAP – Stiring the Weeds once a week
  • let the nutrients, minerals and bacteria saturate the water –> into tea
  • Dilute the Compost tea – solution after a month — 1/10 Ratio with water

★What weeds are best and which are not★

  • Comfrey, seaweed –> Kelp,
  • cleavers, stinging nettles, thistles,
  • and nearly everything that’s growing
  • Kitchen Waste (no citrus,


–> My special Compost hacks:

  • Charcoal –> Best activated (vinegar, Pee) –> large surface area for Bacteria)
  • Banana Skin
  • organic coffee grounds
  • Eggshells crashed or blended!

★ Here The Videos:

  1. How to make Weed Tea – Liquid fertiliser

Video – Black Gold – Compost alternative –> plant straight into it

  • coffee grounds – Kelp or seaweed – cow poo – Animal manure (chicken, horse… –> (nitrogen, carbon, minerals)

★ How to Make Banana Peel Fertiliser (A Complete Step by Step Guide)

Video – Identifying deficiencies

  • N-P-K – major macronutrients for plant health!
  • Nitrogen – phosphorus – K
  • Micronutrients: calcium – magnesium – iron

24 amazing Garden hacks you want to know! 🙂

My compost tea – liquid fertiliser journal

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