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Marketpeak insights, amazing news + review of value

Article – German review and insights

Article – Important webinars about new products, updates etc.

Marketpeak creates more and more value and the community, as the price will skyrocket in correlation to its uses, assets, investors and partners – just logically, or? ?

Quote “If the cryptocurrency market overall or a digital asset is solving a rel problem, it´s going to drive some insane value.”

Meaning – look for companies who develop and provide a better service or solution then the old system.

Aloha guys ☀️?

Did you also invest in scams, lost some money in clone projects or trading? No more with MarketPeaks platform and community.

We have seen a few projects realizing what they promised to achieve. So nowadays, there are some projects which solve a problem and therefore drive some amazing value.

One of them is MarketPEAK – what will list these amazing solutions and innovative investment opportunities to the benefit of the community. We hope to see more projects keeping their promises and achieve what they plan to do, in order to get cryptocurrencies more widely accepted.

Great videos for powerful, short intros to marketpeak, defi – > The Revolution!

To answer questions and concerns:

  • why now crypto – defi – blockchain
  • Benefits of regulated, community powered platform
  • Applications – solutions
  • is it safe from control
  • the banks etc. Want us go digital to control
  • benefits over defi coins
  • yfi..
  • etc ??

Thats one of The greatest opportunities in the financial history ?

Decentralised finance on the BLOCKCHAIN and #defi #peakDefi #marketpeak

  • the financial revolution is at the doorsteps
  • Banks, systems, investing and Money changes completely

See the many applications and opportunities to grow out of the crisis


Be part of the financial revolution

  • the transformation of our financial world! ?? #defi #blockchain #peakDefi

community #marketpeak #investing #decentralized #safe #bitcoin

? Amazing media news!

MarketPeak is mentioned in a Entrepreneur Magazin Article in relation to DeFi

??DEX (direct exchange) function is now available on our PeakDeFi app??

We have successfully implemented the DEX function to our iOS version of our PeakDeFi app. Android will follow soon as well.

You can now exchange tokens directly within our application, without sending them to an exchange first.

This is a huge benefit, for our application.

Here are 2 images showing how the application now looks like!

@ PeakDeFi:
Here you can download the app

Have you tested our new exchange function in our PeakDeFi Wallet app yet?

The exchange function is available for iOS and will be available for Android within the next 2 weeks as well.

Our PeakDeFi Wallet connects with the big decentralized exchanges 1inch and Uniswap, which allows you to trade thousands of possible token trading pairs within our app!

Jonas PeakDefi:
We will launch our PeakDeFi platform soon. This will be a new website.

Later there will be MarketPeak and PeakDeFi as two different independent platforms.

At PeakDeFi you will need your ETH adress to “Login” as it is a decentralized platform.

We will copy our MarketPeak database with the structure of the customer’s only once to our PeakDeFi platform.
And that is the reason, why you need to add an ETH wallet to your MarketPeak profile now.

You can change it later on.

We will also add another feature to our PeakDeFi Wallet app soon, which will allow you to connect the app with a web-based interface.

So you will be able to login with your PeakDeFi wallet to our PeakDeFi platform.

You will be able to also log in to Uniswap and many other projects with our PeakDeFi Wallet very soon.

That is why we recommend to add a PeakDeFi Wallet ETH address to your MarketPeak profile.

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