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Mushroom Education – Resources – for Healing And Survival of Humanity

The Best Infos and resources, Podcast and Scientist for medicinal mushrooms and Biohacking, Psylocibin and more.

Paul stamets

Life cykel

Paul Stamets mission – to discover the language of nature.

Studies about the wonderful mycelium and wood wide networks.

How important they are for our survival and the sensitive, incredible (tree)-ecosystems!

Fantastic fungi – movie with paul stamets.

screenings in australia,

for hope and incredible insights to our planets wood wide web – communication,
Healing mushrooms and the mycelium network under the forests ?

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A Little Shroom School
From Biohacking to mushroom farming – below our some of our favourite conversations we have had with some legends in their field.

We hope to inspire you to upgrade your health & the health of the planet. 

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Life Cykel on Bullet Proof Radio 

– With the ‘Father of Biohacking’ Dave Asprey

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Mushrooms are your new anti aging strategy & so much more: “Mushrooms are almost an uncharted continent, with infinite applications not just in food but in biotechnology.”
Life Cykel on The Life Stylist Podcast 

– With lifestyle legend Luke Storey 

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The future of fungi & how mushrooms can save your life: discussing so much goodness here including; the future of food | the most nutritious strains of mushroom | what you need to know if you want to grow your own mushrooms | the dual-extract process that Life Cykel uses to create full spectrum, high-bioavailable liquid extracts | How to identify high quality products | Future of biotechology & the planet & MORE
Life Cykel on The Plant Proof Podcast 

– With Vegan Health Hacker Simon Hill

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The power of mushrooms – we cover: How Life Cykel was founded, the different types of functional mushrooms & their benefits PLUS so much more!!

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