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MissionVision – “Awesome Abuncance Creations” – Green Thumb mb consultations

Regenerative farming and permaculture are win win win solutions for all life on earth! And we are part of life and nature. We can be the most beneficial species, changing from a story as the most destructive one.

Its on you, me and everybody.

Creating harmonic and balanced diversity in all aspects… (soil, health, profits, resilience from droughts and floods) > Its possible, necessary and simple… By bringing Abundance and healthy, regenerative Food through synthesising game changing solutions and food forests to everyone!

No money, stuck in debt or no time ot manpower? I believe We get the funding and all we need together!

Biggest Problem of industrial “warAgriculture”

Industrial vs regenerative


  • Chemicals, pesti-cides > KILLING ALL LIFE IN SOIL AND OUR GUTS
  • No ground cover > Huge WATER SPONGE LOST > DEAD SOI
  • > Bare Soil > top soil Erosion
  • No water storage >run off to oceans
  • Droughts and Floods!
  • chemical run off > ocean and water acidification, toxic lakes, air, soils.

But we got the instruments for change

  • – solutions are endless and easy!
  • Regenerative farming Principles
  • Ground cover
  • No till/Ripping (Disturbing soil life) (bacteria, fungi, microbes)

farmers are often bound to debts and chemicals, but want to change. (i met some of them and this was a sign for me.)

My mission is my passionate vision

I want to support wonderful people who want to change and implement regenerative food forests or other solutions like aquaponics, solar hydrogen etc. –

I know, where to guide the funding, to have the greatest impact and regenerative potential. Plus giving farmers and people abundant, resilient and diverse food sources.

“Awesome creations – consultancy and implementation of regenerative abundance systems”


  • Observing > analysing the situation and Goals
  • Problems or Crisis as opportunity for growth
  • preading Hope through regenerative solutions,
  • Creating abundant diversity in all aspects
  • through holistic, new and ancient methods and innovative systems.
  • Permaculture and syntropic food forests.
  • Aquaponics
  • Composting solutions > DIY ORGANIC FERTILISER
  • Worms composting
  • Compost toilets
  • Eco building

“a universal Peace, wisely enforced, for every other path leads to ruin.
This is the greatest challenge of the current era. Can our spiritual and social resources rise to this challenge? Nothing less than the destiny of the human race hangs in the balance.”

1. Bevore after pics


Circular, water, syntropy



(most amazing food forests

We are passionate about implementing regenerative… Abundance
Abundance for nature, planet, people and health of all life.
We love doing it, because i was on a point of giving up, but then i discovered the phenomenal solutions combined with regenenerative farming, living, evolving
We can reverse the titanic, we got the tools, i know where to find the experts and how to implement the solutions.

We create regenerative syntropy > abundance of life and beyond transformation
Inspiring people, farmers, anyone with land and heart for the planet or family.

We can help you, grow…
Enhancing life, organic regenerative methods, to grow more than you could ever imagine.

Consultation to create wonderful, abundant gardens, regenerative , highly productive food forests, aquaponics and more.
(blow entwurf > awesome creations – green thumb consultations)

Create healthy, productive and profitable landscapes + living oases of healthy abundance

1. My projects we did (what i can do > skills) passion

2.Bevore after pics (ridge 1+2,

3. krishna,


> abundant regenerative food production (circular forests, logs,)

5.Benefits: 75-100% less watering > sponge effect

6.awesome Variety of healthy food + abundant produce


8.> enhancing diversity + health + income

My Regenerative Projects – Farming Adventures in Syntropy and Harmony

These are my favorite, most effective system combinations

I think, aquaponics/aquacultures as a center heart of a food forest/garden / farm is a amazing key, i saw remarkable growth enhancement and fertility 💪🌱🐠

Awesome co-creations of abundant life is possible!

Just beautiful, heart warming and empowering, to see, whats possible, in such a short amount of time, by working with nature.

> the best resources, to look up the best aquaponic set ups

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