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Developing A Positive Money Mindset – My key take Aways

My key take Aways on how to develop a positive money mindset, with ken honda on the and mindvalley podcast Why is money making us happy? What is money for you? What would you do if you had all themoney you want, to realise your hearts dreams?

Aloha, i am benny, enjoy this wonderful podcast and my thoughts on it. I think it will inspire you, like itdid to me.

Share your thoughts with us. All the best

I had long time a negative money mindset, a so called trauma, because i thought its bad and we have to work hard, its a negative system etc. But now i know different, through amazing podcasts like that. Books and teachings.

What would you do with “enough” money…

What dreams and experiences would you like to have? And ever heard about money traumas?

Money for positive change

What contribution for humanity, people, planet would you give?

Creative power of Money

More wonderful experiences, the energy of money can do for us.

Bringing communuty together, realising dreams

Here is the mindvalley podcast with ken honda, about developing a money mindset, positivr growth mindset and a vision connected to it.

To Develop A Money-Mindset For Financial Success – Ken Honda Eine Folge aus The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen Lakhiani

“Money helps you realize your dreams.”

Money EQ is about transforming your fear-based relationship with money into one of love. The first step to a much happier life (and wallet!) is to understand your fundamental beliefs regarding money as well as the wide range of emotions it makes you feel. Not to be confused with IQ, Money EQ helps you transform the quality of the money that flows in and out of your life with renewed joy and appreciation. Ken Honda is the world’s expert on money and is here to help transform your negative beliefs about money into an attitude of gratitude, appreciation, and joy.

Listen out for:

• Money IQ & Money EQ definitions.
• The 3 Types of Relationships with Money.
• Different money personality types.
• How to control your money.


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