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Most Life Changing Books and summary tools To unfold Our True self and living with Purpose in life – #GrowingTogether Part 2

These books were a big eye opener and came to the right time to me, they helped millions of people, thats Great wisdom. In Love, namaste, Benny 💛

I really understood life, myself and truly learned following my heart, what guided my life towards the most exciting, amazing adventure, called Life! Everyone can do this, ITS JUST OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORTZONE, FEARS AND OLD HABITS.

You’re totally right here, if you want to transform your life and discover, how i learned to really live the truest, fullest and most wonderful adventure i could never imagine!

The Booklist and summary apps/Tools, with the most powerful and Mindblowing books that helped me transformimg my life, understanding the alchrmy of life, consciousness and conditions of society.

2. Best self help books – blog. Mindvalley

Here Mindvalleys best reads and personal evolution Books

The books that transformed my Life!

  1. The Power of Now – eckhart T.
  2. The Alchemist – paolo coehlo
  3.  Dr Joe Dispenza –> you are the placebo, Becoming supernatural, a new self
  4. sadhguru – inner engineering – Weisheit eines yogis
  5. The four agreements (+the 5th) – Don Miguel ruiz
  6. Mastery of love + Don Miguel ruiz
  7. Komm ich erzahl dir eine geschichte – jorge bucay
  8. The why cafe —>
  9. + das cafe der fragen – John strelecky
  10. the big five for life – john strelecky ( 
  11. Think and grow rich – Napoleon …
  12. Ask and it is Given – Esther+Jerry – abraham hicks
  13. The Power of Intention
  14. A New Earth – eckhart
  15. Don´t sweat the small stuff – Principles to see problems as teachers 
  16.  Mens search for meaning – viktor frankle

Just choose one, that feels right and listen or read whenever you feel.

Theyre Truly eye opening and Life Guiding Books, that truly change millions of lifes to their best version. Thats the order, how they came into my life and helped me unchaining myself from old rules and conditions that make us fit in and function for the destructive economy, but not happy…

Trusting life and Going where I want and need to be! Life is magic, you are magic and we are here to fulfill our passion and purpose, then life unfolds in magic ways and brings everything we need to us! Trust, and share your favorites, In love, Benny

“It´s been said, that the person you will become, depends on the Books you read and the people you surround yourself with today.”It depends on what you are feeding your self this moment and every day! 

Your choice… Use the tools to evolve and live, or stay where you are.

Its all about changing our conditions, realising why we are here and trusting life, by following our heart. All great teachers tell the same in essence:

Finding our why – Letting go of conditions and negative, not serving people and thoughts

  • Doing what we love and going towards our Dreams every day – That is true success, meaning and fulfillment in Life! <3

The Booklist that helped me evolving and is in itself also ever-evolving 🙂

I promise, you will have incredible results of a better understanding, peace, love, motivation and life purpose

Here Mindvalleys best reads and personal evolution Books

I started getting hooked on listening to books, with blinkist and summaries.

2. Best self help books – blog. Mindvalley

Some other highly reckommendet ones from friends and the world: The power of your subconscious mind – joseph murphy – the surrender experiment
– the prophet


Amazing tipp, Get Key wisdom and knowledge from top bestseller books in minutes!

I got so much aha moments and amazing knowledge and wisdom just from Blinkist and storyshots! Summaries from the bestselling, non-fiction books!

One more tipp, if you got no time for full books! I show you the solution for that!

  • Storyshots (free – summaries, full audiobooks and Videos sometimes!) 
  • Blinkist (paid, but super professional summaries and a huge library already – I love it!)
  • Z-Library –> E-book online library for free books – How amazing is that?! 

That helped me so much, because i also don´t have the time while i work, to read a lot! Best solution for busy or lazy dudes, who wanna grow and learn aswell, but in a quick and time saving way 

take just the core message in summaries!

f you want to get the key knowledge and wisdom out of bestseller books, in short summaries, have a look to these game changing companies, because thats exactly what they´re doing!

Life will alwas give you, what you need the most to grow – trust and have faith, by following your heart! Life happens for you, wonder ♥

See the obstacles as the way – everything happens for a reason and that is a core message! 

Live in kindness and forgiveness <3 

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